See Here: Soldier Keeps Composure As He’s Vomited On By Fellow Trooper At Remembrance Sunday Event

All those idiots waving and laughing during the two minutes silence during today’s Remembrance Sunday ceremony in London could learn a lot from the actions of this soldier.

This poor guy kept his composure and continued to show his respects, despite his fellow soldier stood behind him suddenly throwing up on the back of his head.

The unfortunate trooper ended up absolutely covering in bright yellow sick, after the man behind him suddenly became ill and projectile vomited everywhere. Grim.

But this soldier didn’t even flinch when the chunder hit the back of his neck. Respect.

The soldier was stood close to the Cenotaph – where the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (who didn’t bow low enough for some people’s liking, apparently) all laid wreaths in memory of those who gave their lives to protect us.

The soldier’s reserved actions were in stark contrast to the behaviour of some people gathered at the event, who caused outrage on social media after they were spotted laughing and waving during the moment of silence.


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