See Here: Selena Gained 10 Pounds. Find Out Why She Is Happy About It

It is nothing new for celebrities to get body shamed and apparently Selena Gomez has been the latest target of it all. Selena is obviously someone who knows how to love herself? She smacked haters by letting them know their limits.

Poor Sel, it's a mean world and yes it hurts and we are proud of you. You go, girl!

1. See it for yourself
Yes, she is fat, but as she quoted ''There's more to love''. According to reports, she has gained 10 pounds.

2. The reason
She is sick of that same old love and she wants to look good for her new love, Zedd. Beiber is history now and this damsel has never been happier and healthier. We should actually be happy for her as Zedd is someone who loves more than her body.

3. This is so disgusting!
Dear hater, believe me, the wrath of Selenators must be on its way and they are gonna get you.

4. STFU hater!
When it comes to her, she wouldn't wanna be anybody else.

5. No wonder, We heart her!
Trust me, that's the price of beauty...who says you are not pretty, who says you are not beautiful.


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