See Here: Mother grows award-winning hair that is over SIX FEET - but her daughters are catching her up

Terelynn Russel, who lives in Morris, Illinois, with her husband and children, has hair nearly six feet long - and now her daughters are close to matching her achievement.

Mrs Russel regularly wins first place in 'Longest Pony Tail Competitions' at annual fetes and fairs - and her girls are following her example.

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Real-life Rapunzels: Terelynn Russel poses with her daughters (from left) Callan, Cendalyn and Chesney at the family's home in Morris, Illinois

Passing on tradition: The 43-year-old mother has taught her daughters to braid each other's hair

Warning to hair growers: Ms Russel says she once stepped on her hair as she was getting up to change her youngest daughter's diaper

Family affair: Terelynn Russel and her daughters show off their long locks

The 43-year-old mother-of-five has taught her daughters to braid each other's hair and believes her son is learning a great lesson about girls, Inside Edition reported.
But there are some important hair rules in the Russel household: all must keep their hair up in the kitchen, especially around the stove.

Russel admitted that she once stepped on her hair as she was getting up to change her youngest daughter’s diaper.
There are also some necessary hygiene rules in the house of hair. Russel, for one, uses immense amounts of shampoo, followed by immense amounts of conditioner.

Head turning: At its longest, Mrs Russel's hair hangs down an incredible 74 inches. Here she heads into town with her daughters

Hair hygiene: Mrs Russel uses huge amounts of shampoo, followed by immense amounts of conditioner to keep her hair in good condition

Rules: There are some important hair guidelines in the Russel household. All must keep their hair tied up when in the kitchen, especially around the stove

Commitment: Mrs Russel (pictured left, in her wedding dress and right at her home) said she uses the money she saves on salons - on hair clips and conditioner

She then wrings out her six-foot strands before blow drying them for an hour.
‘The money that I save in salon visits is probably spent on clips and hair conditioner,’ she told Inside Edition.
Over the years, Russel and her daughters have donated some of their hair, including a recent donation to Locks of Love. But those haircuts never take off more than 20 inches at most.
‘My earliest memory of the shortest hair would be when I was four years old starting kindergarten and it was down to my waist,’ said Russel.
‘To me, short hair would be just above my waist,’ she said.

Lengthy: Mrs Russel and her husband Chip pose with their children Chesney (six), Chaz (eight), Chapin (one), Cendalyn (nine) and Callan (11) at the family's home

Patience needed: 'You have to have patience to be in this house with all of this hair,' said Mrs Russel

Snack: Meal time at the Russel house. The girls' hair hangs below their seats as Mrs Russel prepares some food

Hard work: Mrs Russell brushes her nine-year-old daughter Cendalyn's hair while Chesney (six) waits for her turn in the bathroom

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