See Here: Life Can Be So Unfair

You’re always told to be fair and wise in every situation. But why doesn’t anyone ever notice that life itself can be so unfair sometimes? When you want something really bad but cant haven’t because e “you’re just not cut out for it”, or because you’re too old for it, or even because you just can’t! Here is a hilarious compilation of such images that speak to the inner most feelings of an individual and hits where it hurts the most! Check them out and have a good laugh because you know it’s true!

#1 She'd kill for his figure . . .
The most ample thing about her body is that big fluffy braid.

#2 Christmas present or Christmas resentment?
A glassware set? Their parent's may as well have given him a lump of coal.

#3 Bacon inflation.
Ok. Who do we write to complain about this?

#4 Have you ever been tempted to untag yourself from an awkward picture?
This is what it's like when friends tag you in an unflattering photo:

#5 The subject of today's lesson is: Life is Unfair.
This teacher is saying with her actions, "do as I say, not as I do."

#6 Know what's really unfair? The friendzone.
Yep. That guy is definitely trapped in the no-blowjob zone.

#7 When you try to do a respectful homage to someone you admire . . .
And you get kicked out of Home Depot.

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