See Here: Khloe Finally Reveals The Truth About Her BIG B00TY.. It's Not What You'd Expect!

None has been more persistent than the rumor about them having surgery on their rear ends.

Since their booties are literally world-famous, people have been quick to call them enhanced.

In a recent interview, Khloe hit back at the haters and revealed details about her posterior.

She and her sisters are all-natural, nothing artificial about it.

But she welcomes the haters because it gives her fuel to motivate her.

She loves it when people call her b00ty and other parts fake.

Kourtney agrees, saying she loves it when people claim she has a fake b00ty.

It's good to see Khloe hit back against the haters in the press and social media.

Being happy and living your life is the best way to silence critics.

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