See Here: How Do You Properly Take Care Of Your V*gina? Keep Your V*gina Smelling Fresh

Leave the inside of your v*gina alone
The interior of the genitals cleans itself helped by the lactobacilli which are good bacteria. They keep the acidity of the v*gina and assist in the fight against viruses.

Rinse it only with water
Nowadays, a very popular thing on the market are intimate hygiene gels. However, they aren’t recommended by gynecologists. You should only use water.

Be careful with the soap
Choosing a soap that will not distort the pH value is a very important thing if you still need to use some in order to clean your v*gina. It’s also important that it doesn’t dry the skin. Doctors mostly recommend soap with olive oil.

Rinse it once a day
Intimate parts skin is just as sensitive as any other part of the body, so the more you wash it – the more you irritate it. It’s enough to do it once a day, so you shouldn’t overdo it.

Do not clean with steam
Cleaning with steam is a quite popular method, but it’s also a wrong one. Doctors say that by using this method you’re just damaging the v*gina, so it’s best not to try it.

Do not use gloves or sponge
Gloves or sponge can just damage the mucous membrane, so it would be best for you if you don’t use them.

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