See Here: Her baby will never get to know her because she did this 3x per week.

27 year old Louise Cook from Thetford, England is happily married and has 3 children: 6 year old Summer, 4 year old Mason and the small baby Chloe. Her newborn daughter however, will never be able to remember her mother, because Louise has just a few weeks left to live.

Louise was just 10 weeks pregnant with her third child when she received the shocking diagnosis: Skin cancer. It has already spread through her lungs and is so advanced that doctors haven't given her much time. Cause of the disease: Louise's solarium visits. After separating from her first husband 4 years ago, the confident young woman hit rock-bottom. To feel better about herself, she began regularly receiving the artificial rays of the sun - 3 times per week. Even when the solarium only altered the naturally pallor of the young women for a short time - Louise felt good. But the cost is high.

"I never thought that solariums were so dangerous, since they're so easily accessible", said the 27-year old. "I was young and naive and now I will pay with my life. Therefore I won't be here to watch my wonderful children to grow up." The then pregnant woman, couldn't stop crying as the diagnosis came through. "When I eventually stopped crying, I asked what I could do, in order to live as long as possible for my children."

Consequently the doctors advised her, that it would be better to terminate the pregnancy. But this was not an option for the Brit: "Just because I will soon die, doesn't mean that my baby must die. It had convinced us even more that she must live. Life is precious." The tiny Chloe was born fit as a fiddle. Meanwhile the cancer has already reached Louise's brain.

"I have cautiously explained to my children, that mummy will soon be an angel but that they can always talk to me", said Louise. She has already planned her own funeral, and put together boxes with memories for her 2 daughters and son. "But I have an unbelievable family and unbelievable friends, and because of them I know, that they will maintain the memory of me for my children."

As she only has a few weeks left to live, Louise's message is even more urgent: "I am scared, that other men and women will make the same mistake as me, and put their appearance before their health. I don't want to alarm young people; I just want to help, to explain. When you absolutely want to be brown, use a tanning cream. Don't risk your life."

It breaks Louise Cook's heart that she won't get to watch her 3 children grow up. But the cancer-ridden 27 year old is using her last remaining weeks to warn others of her mistake that she made. If Louse's story moved you to tears, then share this with everyone you know, and warn them of the dangers of solariums and make them aware of skin cancer!


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