See Here: Girl Shuts Up Annoying Guy Real Quick After He Won't Stop Texting

I need you all to say a little prayer for a boy called Connor. I have a feeling this poor misguided individual is going to remain fuckless for life. He decided to set sights on the ‘drunk girl at the party’. I think he might think twice about doing that again…

“She was really drunk when we met. We made out and I got her number then went our separate ways. I will admit I was kind of being a creep. I don’t date much so in my mind I thought we clicked. I looked back and laugh at it now.”

I think the girl in question may have been so intoxicated she didn’t have much choice about kissing Connor… Or giving up her number…
The next day he took being a ‘creep’ onto a whole new level:

You have to admire his stamina and commitment to the cause however misguided he may be. But the girls response is perhaps the best ever way anyones ever said ‘sorry you’re just not for me’

Poor Connor! I just want to thank him so much for sharing this with the internet. Respect. It can’t be easy to post an embarrassing tale for the world to see so fair play to him.

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