See Here: The Biggest Struggles When You Have a Big Bottom

#1 Yoga Pants Are the Devil

Sure, it's fun to look at a big butt in yoga pants, but if you're the owner of said butt, you know the struggle. It takes forever to get them on, and once you do, it looks like you've shoved two basketballs into a dress sock.

#2 Chairs Are Not Your Friend

Chairs are a big butt's worst enemy. You think you're safe once you get into it, but then you try to stand up and that chair holds on to your rear end for dear life. It's not long until you start growing paranoid about any chair with armrests and you refuse to sit on anything that isn't a couch.

#3 Everyone Wants to Touch It

We're not sure what it is about a luscious rump and people's desire to touch it. Perhaps they think it's a mirage, or some sort of Hollywood special effect. It's not, and it's annoying when you ask to touch it, so please stop.

#4 Your Butt Is a Pillow

On the one hand, we're happy your find big butts to be a comforting place to lay your head after a long day. On the other hand, we're not your bed. If you want to rest your weary head, go find a couch.

#5 Finding Jeans That Fit

There are several factors involved in finding pants that fit correctly. You have to take into account the size of your legs, your hips and your waist, none of which correlate with any pair of jeans when you have a big butt. You either can't get them over your rear or you get stuck with the dreaded waist gap.

#6 You're Besties With Your Tailor

Not only is the tailor your best friend, they're also your emergency contact, your made of honor and the guardian of your children should something happen to you. That's how important they are to your everyday life.

#7 You Can't Wear Leggings

No matter how fashionable they may be, you can't pull off leggings. They look great from the knees down, but the further up you go, the more see-through they get. Not only will people be able to see your underwear, they'll also be able to tell you what brand it is.

#8 You Dread Walking up the Stairs

Crowded stairways are a nightmare. They're tough enough just to walk up in the first place, with people going up and down at varying speeds. There's also a lot of butts in people's faces, and when you're giving someone a face full of your giant rear end, climbing up each step feels like an eternity.

#9 Say Goodbye to Short Shorts

We suppose you could wear short shorts over your blessed booty. Just make sure you put sunscreen on the bottom of your cheeks because they will be exposed for the sun and everyone else for the foreseeable future.

#10 The Unrelenting Catcalls

Catcallers are the scum of the earth, but they seem to reserve their most pointed attacks for those that have a naturally large backside.

#11 No Printed Pants Ever

Think it's impossible to make your rear end stand out even more than it already does? Let us introduce you to our friend/mortal enemy: printed pants. Wearing them is the equivalent to shining a spotlight on your butt.

#12 Squeezing Through Tight Spaces Is Impossible

If you need to get something from under your bed or squeeze through a tight corridor, it's only a matter of time before your body betrays you. You start off so hopeful. Your upper body slides through with ease and you think, "This is going to work." But soon, hope gives way to despair as your sit helplessly stuck while your friends laugh and take pictures of your misfortune.

#13 Going to the Movies Means Sitting at the End of the Row

Unless you want to hit people with your derriere every time you get up to go to the bathroom or get a refill on your Diet Coke, you're getting to the theater an hour before the film starts and you're snagging that aisle seat.

#14 Bike Seats Are Absurd

Bicycle seats are the cruel joke of a mad evil genius who feeds off of other people's pain. We don't even understand how people with tiny butts can sit on these things, but when we do, we look like adults riding a tricycle.

#15 You Cannot Stand Hearing 'Baby Got Back'

You hear it all the time. People sing Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" to you thinking it's hilarious, but you don't find it as funny. While it may be true that "baby got back," you also know that "baby got a mean right hook" and will unleash it on the next person that references this song in your presence.


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