See Here: Are these the world's worst make-up disasters? From orange fake tan to clown lipstick, the incredible cosmetics fails that will have you raising YOUR eyebrows

Whether it's too much fake tan, contouring gone wrong or some overzealous eyebrow pencilling, pictures of several beauty-conscious ladies are so startling that they've gone viral.

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Eyes or lips? How about both? One woman goes hell for leather with face-paint-style make-up

When used correctly, white eye-liner can make your eyes appear subtly bigger, but this woman has taken it to the extreme - even attaching a row of false lashes way below her lower lash line

From the thin eyebrows, to the heavy eye makeup with bright lips and clashing lip liner - this woman has broken many of the makeup rules

There are many rules when it comes to applying make-up, with one of the most widely-shared to never load up both your eyes and lips with heavy lines oF colour.

But it's one cardinal beauty sin that these women clearly haven't heard of, with images of brightly-coloured eye-shadow and thick eyeliner paired with iridescent shades of lipstick plentiful online.

The white eyeliner also seems to be heavily overused, with some women going a step to far when trying to widen their gaze - by drawing the pencil way outside their inner eye and circling it with thick black eye crayon.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian may be an expert at contouring but real women attempting the product-heavy technique haven't managed to pull off her flattering look, with one woman showing off cheeks, chin and nose that had been powdered white.

Are these eyebrows stuck on or pencilled in? It's hard to tell. But whatever the answer, the white lips leave her looking like she's ready for a run down the ski slope rather than a night on the tiles

Was this woman happy with her final look? Maybe she realised when looking in the mirror for a final time that she looked to be sporting tarantula legs on each eye

One woman slapped on such thick foundation she looked like she was wearing a mask - which wasn't helped by the painted on brows, eye-liner and bizarre clown-style lipstick

This is what happens when your make-up inspirations are Sixties hipster Edie Sedgwick and the You' Been Tangoed man

Enhancing eyes with mascara is something most of us do, with the aim being to lengthen the lashes and give them volume, whilst avoiding any clumps.
There's a world of products out there that do just that, but mascara layered on too thick still seems to let a lot of looks down, with eyelashes resembling spiders legs.

Flamboyant false eyelashes have also raised some eyebrows online - and it's surprising that some of the ladies were even able to open their eyelids at all given the weight they look to be bearing with the enhancements.

Forget the 'monobrow', this lady has a distinct 'nonobrow' in the centre of her face. Going easy on the tweezers and using her eyebrow pencil a little more sparingly could work wonders for her look

Highbrow: This woman's brows appear to be drawn on above their natural position, with a layer of rainbow eye-shadow below and larger-than-life false eyelashes. Thankfully, she has opted for nude lip gloss

Bad eyebrows seem to be one of the main pitfalls in women's make-up habits, whether they're drawn on too thin, too fat or in the complete wrong position.
When done correctly, a little bit of pencil at the top of your natural brow-line can lift the face up - but get it wrong, and you can end up dragging down the eyes or leaving yourself looking in a constant state of surprise, as some of these ladies have.
And some have taken it a step too far when striving for the full eyebrow look on trend at the moment, and have ended up looking more like Alistair Darling than Audrey Hepburn.

A distinctive line of bronzer which hasn't been blended in properly has ruined this women's look

Despite the glowing skin at the base of this women's look, her heavy use of eye-shadow, white eye-pencil and thick black lines and mascara have left her looking more Disney than disco

Perhaps this was a joke? Thick eyebrows are certainly on trend at the moment, but not when they look like two strips of black masking tape

Using lip-liner can help stop your lipstick from bleeding, but the two should be as close a match in shade as possible.

Some woman, however, have used lip-liner as a chance to add yet another colour to their already overdone face.

In contrast, others have opted for lips so pale or white that they look like they've covered them in sunscreen in prep for a day on the ski slopes.

Two eyebrows didn't seem to be enough for this lady, who appears to have drawn on a second set

The Oompa Loompa-style tan is the first downfall in this women's look, but further accentuating it with white eyeshadow and bright pink lips hasn't helped matters

The first mistake this woman made was overdoing it on the fake tan. But she then accentuated her iridescent orange glow with black eyes surrounded by white eye-shadow, and white lipstick


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