See Here: 7 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

#7. He teases you by saying mean things.
The closer you get, the more he will make fun of you. You will come dressed and he’d say you look weird or funny. A lot of girls get offended by it but that is a stupid thing to do since these are the little things that make your relationship beautiful. You relationship will last forever if you appreciate the fact that he loves you and jokes with you because he knows that you can take it. If you were so weird looking or if you had a funny appearance, he would have never dated you in the first place.

#6. Your romance has ups and downs.
Your relationship will last forever if you don’t impose romance on each other. Phases of romance come and go because as you get to spend more time with each other, you both see more tender sides of each other which frame your words, and hence your romance. Some days, there will be no romance at all, but hey, you should value originality more than anything in this world.

#5. They will annoy you at times too.
It is natural for two people to be together and get annoyed. When you spend so much time with someone, you see all sides of their personality and since no one is perfect, there might be a few annoying habits. Does she leave her hair in the drains which clogs them? Does he burp out loud in front of you? Yet your relationship will late forever if you still love them for all their imperfections.

#4. Compromise is natural.
Your relationship will last forever if you accept the art of compromising and sacrificing. From little things to big decisions, you both should know when you need to compromise. If you cannot bury your ego and you are always bothered about your self-respect then every relationship in your life will suffer because if you push one person beyond their potential, they will get sick of you and run away.

#3. Future planning is inevitable.
It doesn’t matter if you think it is too early or if you’re not ready for it yet, future planning can never be avoided if you think your relationship is to last long. For a relationship to last forever, you both need to know that this is the person you will spend the rest of your life with so be it your wedding or children, the planning cannot just be avoided.

#2. You don’t look good all the time.
If your relationship will last forever, then you both know that you will see each other in all states. You could be sweaty, smelly, pretty or just yourself because you know that they wouldn’t care less. They’re not with you because they like your face or your clothes. They accept you for who you are which is exactly why your relationship will last forever.

#1. It could be a bumpy road.
If two people are together, there is no promise that the road ahead will be a walk on a bed of roses. Life is not supposed to be easy and if you both are willing to accept each other’s company, your relationship will last forever. Three will be disagreements, arguments, fights and tears but they will all get fixed because you both value each other. Brace yourselves for a beautiful journey if most of these signs apply to you both because love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.


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