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#6. Little Secrets
When two people have been together for some time, and you have never seen them breaking up or fighting in public, you will conclude that they are a happy and successful couple. However, they have not done something extraordinary since most couples possess the power to make their relationship this way. If you want one such relationship, you need to remember that to achieve success, you have to work hard. Here are a few efforts which you can put into your relationship and become a happy couple:

#5. Acceptance.
To be a happy couple, you need to accept each other. By acceptance I mean that you should fully embrace the person for who they are. Get to know the person, understand them well, and then love them for who they are. Do not treat your partner like a project that you have to work on. They are not a pipe that needs fixing. They are a human being. Even if they confess that they need your help and saving, be accepting of them as a person. Do not lecture them all day long about what they need to change in themselves. This takes away the peace.

#4. Attention.
To be a happy couple, you need to pay sincere attention to your partner. Whenever your partner is talking to you, or sharing something with you, give them your complete attention. Hear them out and then try to come up with something that can help them – if they are asking for advice. Sometimes, our ability to listen is enough for a person to feel better when they are down. With my boyfriend, whenever I am upset, I send him a text, and he just asks me to talk my heart out. I rant as much as I want, he hears me out and it always makes me feel better.

#3. Secrecy.
This is one thing that every couple should write on an agreement paper and frame it in their houses. To be a happy couple, and to stay together for a very long time, keep your relationship between the two of you only. Keep it low-profile for as long as you can yes it is nice to brag about how amazing your partner is, but when you tell the world and attract the eyes, the mouths come along and people begin to bring bad things to your bond. Those who will be jealous of you will try to break you apart. Some people will have a problem with you for no reason at all. So do not give anyone the leverage to talk you two against one another. My partner and I do not discuss our problems with anyone – not even our best friends. The more people involved, the more drama they bring.

#2. Priority.
When two people make a happy couple, they do so by prioritizing each other. We have busy lives and busy schedules. Friends, family, careers, colleagues, social media, television, matches – all these things take up a lot of our time and we are left with hardly any free time throughout the day. However, when you love someone so much, you have to take out time for them. Learn how to prioritize and make sure that the communication between the two of you in constant because a lack of it drifts people apart.

#1. Maturity.
Maturity is the biggest trait of a happy couple. When the two people are mature, they bid farewell to their ego and love each other endlessly. They do not mind apologizing when they think they are wrong. They do not fight over petty issues. They do not keep grudges I their hearts, and once a fight is over, they let things go.


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