See Here: 6 Lies About $ex That We Must Never Tell Girls

#1 Girls Are Never Taught
Young girls growing up are never given any other information about $ex except "don't get pregnant" - leaving them to learn the rules and misconceptions for themselves. $ex is no longer an activity women are sworn to never speak about in public, or know little about and let the man take over. For instance, why is it that women are taught to be ashamed if they ever go into a store and purchase condoms? Why shouldn't she be just as prepared as the man?

#2 Causal $ex
Women can have as much CASUAL $EX as men's their bodies! Studies have proven that women actually prefer more casual $ex then men..they just never say it out loud!

#3 Women Watch P0rn
Women are used as props and hyper$exualized in most p0rn videos, so we understand why some would hate to watch it. But that does not mean ALL women are turned off by p0rn, in fact men and women have an equally positive and horny response when watching p0rn.

#4 Woman Can Have $ex On Their Period!
If a man is ok with doing so, why can't a woman have $ex while on her period? It's safe and can actually reduce the woman's menstrual cramps. But don't be fooled, a woman can STILL get pregnant or receive an STD while it's her time of the month.

#5 V@gina's Can Stretch
A rubber band and v@gina have the exact same elasticity, so don't worry about her becoming "too loose" from all the $ex she has. You don't see a giant hole in her after having a baby do you?

#6 $exual Assault Is NOT Normal
$exual harassment or assault is NOT something a woman should "get used to" just because she is attractive to a man! Rape and assault goes unreported in most cases because the woman is ashamed or embarrassed about what happened to her! This should NEVER be accepted!

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