See Here: 25 Strange facts about your body you must’ve never heard before #5 Is really weird

#25. People who dream frequently are more intelligent than others
Scientific studies have suggested a correlation between people who dream a lot and people with a high IQ. Day dreaming doesn’t count though.

#24. The capillaries in your lungs are 2,174 miles long
All the capillaries in your lungs, if stretched out tip to tip, can cover a distance of around 2,174 miles. Just about the distance from LA to Atlanta. You can’t claim any sort of frequent flier miles though.

#23. Your body heat can boil gallons of water
Your body can produce enough heat in an hour to boil two gallons of water. Hmmm…the heat of the moment shone in your eyes… and on the stove burner!

#22. A single male can repopulate the whole earth
A male human produces more than enough sperm daily to repopulate the whole earth in only about six months. Keep up the good work guys!

#21. You can’t taste stuff without your saliva
You can’t taste anything until your saliva dissolves a tiny portion of it. It’s surely there for a more practical purpose than for us to use it to spit on each other.

#20. Your saliva can fill up two swimming pools
In your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two regular-sized swimming pools. No! You certainly can’t swim in it. It’s a nasty thing to do.

#19. A male’s skin is highly flexible
If completely stretched out, a male adult’s skin would span around 20 feet. Flexibility is in a man’s skin.

#18. You are stronger than concrete
Pound for pound, human bones are amazingly four times stronger than industrial scale concrete. Now that certainly makes us certifiable badass.

#17. Burn victim’s skin grafts come from baby foreskin
Most of the burn victims get the skin grafts for their surgery from baby foreskin as it has the quickest rate of growth.

#16. You can’t tickle yourself
Tickling your own body is almost impossible. That’s a privilege only your nasty friends and siblings have.

#15. You are a visual creature
Humans gather 90% of the information and insight about their current surrounding through their eyes. Pretty visual beings we are!

#14. Your body produces enough sweat to drench your mattress
A human body has around half a million sweat glands which produce about 500ml of sweat daily. Don’t forget to bag a towel on your trip to the gym!

#13. Your stomach is virtually invincible
A human stomach develops cells a lot faster than it destroys them. Keep throwing soda in the belly; it knows how to fight it. It’s virtually invincible.

#12. Your twin smells just like you
All humans have a unique odor in their sweat except for twins. Yes! You can pin it on your twin if you forgot your shirt at your crime scene. Even the sniffer dogs can’t distinguish it.

#11. Female ovaries waste around 499,600 eggs
Out of the 500,000 eggs in an ovary, only about 400 have any life creating potential. Very sad! You lost some potential bugging siblings.

#10. Your kidneys are stronger than a household water filter
There are around 1 million filters in your kidney and they push out more than 1 liter of urine daily, cleaning around 1.5 liters of your blood every minute. Phew! That is more work than a water filter has to do in an average household.

#9. Your brain eats a major chuck of your caloric intake
Around 20% of your caloric intake as well as the oxygen you inhale go directly towards fueling your brain! Some of us really need to eat and breathe a little bit more.

#8. Your eye muscles contract 100,000 times a day
On average, the key muscles in your eye contract around 100,000 times per day. Sorry boys, but now you know that a girl eye-blinking you isn’t necessarily interested in you.

#7. Regrowing your nails takes longer than you think
You might be tired of cutting your nails every now and then, but you’ll be in a fit if you lose one as it can take as long as seven months to completely regrow a nail.

#6. Your environment can increase your food intake
People living in the Western Hemisphere consume somewhere between 50 to 60 tons of food and around 50,000 liters of water/liquid in their lifetime, which is around 30% higher than people living in other parts of the world. Now you know exactly where you need to go if you want to gain some pounds.

#5. You are going to shed around 18 kg of skin
On average, a human sheds somewhere about 18 kg of skin in a lifetime; or maybe around half of it after a whole day at a beach with no clothes on.

#4. You might’ve been born blue-eyed
Most of us are born completely blue-eyed and our lifelong eye colour is determined by our exposure to the UV rays. So, I believe “she totally has your blue eyes!” lost all its significance, huh?

#3. Your bladder grows visibly before you pee
Your bladder, the part where your urine is stored, can actually visibly grow significantly in size by the time you feel the need to pee. So do it before it blows!

#2. Your red blood cells run faster than a Lamborghini
The red cells in your blood do a complete circuit of your whole body every sixty seconds. No matter how much you love the new Lamborghini Aventador or the Hennessey Venom, they are no match for your own red blood cells!

#1. You grow shorter when you are asleep
Thanks to a nasty medical phenomenon present in all humans called cartilage compression of the spine, you will become a whole centimeter shorter when you fall asleep at night than when you were up and running.

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