See Here: 25 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

In this list, you will find out which celebrities spent the highest amounts of money on plastic surgeries.

You will also get to see some of the strangest transformations that have ever been documented in modern medicine. These days, it’s not that strange that people find the fountain of youth only a knife away appealing, but it hardly ever comes out right.

If you want a bigger butt or an injection that will make your lips look like you got stung by a bee, you can do it! But if you want it done correctly, you better go to a place like Beverly Hills instead of Tijuana, Mexico. A lot of people have made that mistake in an effort to save money.

So which celebrities emptied out their checkbooks in order to go under non-essential surgery, when most Americans can’t even afford medication? Here are the biggest plastic surgery splurges (splurgeries, if you will) that celebs have done to themselves.

#25 – Blake Lively ($7,300)

Blake Lively (wife of Ryan Reynolds) is certainly a beautiful gal, and is most recognized now from her recurring standout performance as Serena van der Woodsen in the hit T.V. series “Gossip Girl.” But Lively was the subject of some gossip on her own when she was seen with some questionable new facial features: she had gotten some rhinoplasty and, had undergone some skin treatment to help mask her freckles and blemishes! Lively originally denied that she work done, but as more and more people began to question the truth began to come out.

Lively didn’t just get her nose worked on to make it thinner, but her eyelids got some minor touch ups as well so they wouldn’t be so droopy; the 26 year old did the work to give her a new look and help promote her upcoming movies and drum up some attention since she would much rather be seen as a movie star” apparently the cost of becoming a move star starts at around seven and a half grand.

#24 – Megan Fox ($8,000)

Megan Fox is one of the only actresses hotter than the explosions she avoids on screen.

Megan Fox is most well known for her role in the Transformers franchise, but the actress herself has undergone quite the transformation in her own right: breast implants, lip fillers, cheek augmentations, and Botox! Megan denied that she got any surgical work done but her pictures honestly speak for themselves: Fox is looking Foxier than ever so it’s none wonder that other major starlets are getting worried that she might be snatching up their roles.

Fox’s changes are clearer more than ever during her most recent part as April O’Neil in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” where her killer physique shows clear as day that she simply isn’t the woman she was just a few years prior.

Megan has yet to comment as to why she decided to undergo the surgical procedures, but it’s a safe bet that she is trying to capture the Hollywood essence to gain any casting advantage she can muster up.

#23 – Suzanne Somers ($9,000)

Suzanne Somers is one of America’s great classic actresses, and she won over the hearts of audiences everywhere when she brought Chrissy Snow to life on the beloved “Three’s Company.” Somers was kind of a secret heart throb amongst most family men in the late 70s, since she had a natural appearance that resembled the kind of thing you would see in a pinup magazine (except cleaner).

As Suzanne got older and the effects of aging began to set in, Somers felt like she had to do something, and it seemed like plastic surgery was the answer.

The first that that Somers did was seek out someone capable of performing excessive procedures, and then she underwent a facelift, lip implants, breast operations, and skin tightening on the neck and jaw; since she was a survivor of breast cancer she didn’t want to risk any foreign objects in her body, so she located a Japanese doctor that could help her re-grow her breast in a safe way: all the other procedures not so much.

#22 – Pamela Anderson ($10,500)

About twenty five years ago there was a time that you couldn’t turn on the television without seeing Pamela Anderson’s face on it.

If you’re an older gentleman I double dog dare you to say that at some point in your youth you didn’t at least fantasize about Anderson once, because I would love nothing more than to call you on your lies; she and David Hasslehoff were the two hunky lifeguards which single handedly kept “Baywatch” from going under as a television program, and people would have happily gone swimming without a life vest if it meant getting rescued by them.

After Anderson was involved in a sex tape scandal with fellow star Tommy Lee, Anderson was constantly being watched by the media, so When Anderson showed up sporting some brand new life preservers people just had to know the scoop! Anderson said that the new fun bags were just a personal preference, but now it’s hard to imagine her with anything less.

Later into her career Anderson was speculated to have undergone some facial tightening surgeries, but at this point it’s little more than rumors.

#21 – Nicki Minaj ($11,500)

At one point, Nicki Minaj looked like a normal girl hailing from Trinidad and Tobago.

These days, she is looking more like a strange hybrid between about four different ethnicities and a Barbie Doll. But Nicki’s new look hasn’t stopped her from being massively popular thanks to songs that are essentially about sex and drugs— without any actual musical instruments being played.
Nicki spent $11,500 on three different surgeries to establish her new appearance.

The cheapest one was a skin bleaching to make her skin look lighter. The most expensive one was a nose job that made the tip of her nose point down instead of up. The other major procedure Nicki had done was the oddest. She spent over $5,000 to get silicone implants in each buttocks. Now, Nicki shakes her prosthetic butt around for everyone to see.

#20 – Nadya “Octomom” Suleman ($12,810)

At one point, we were all sick of hearing about Octomom.

Instead of getting pregnant in the natural way, Nadya Suleman was assisted by a team of doctors in order to become pregnant with octuplets. Octomom did this mainly because she’s an absolute nut who needed to surround herself with children.
Most moms want to look good after having children, so having eight can really do a number on the body.

Surgery was probably a very necessary thing for Nadya in one area, but a waste of cash elsewhere. The Octomom spent $5,900 on vaginal rejuvenation, and nearly $7,000 on a nose job and lip injections.

#19 – Kim Kardashian ($16,500)

If you don’t know who Kim Kardashian is there is fairly good chance that you have been living under a rock, since she is essentially the biggest celebrity out there who no one knows what she actually does.

Kim’s changes were gradual (well most of them at least) but if you look at side by side photos there is no way you can miss the obvious surgeries: a nose job, butt implants, and breast implants; Kim wasn’t going to take any chances with screwing up her money makers, so she made sure to enlist the best help that money could buy.

It’s easy to see why Kim opted to undergo the surgeries she did: not only does she look better, but with cameras following you everywhere you go your looks are essentially your brand, and a few bad hair days could spell a disaster for you in the local media outlets.

Kim hasn’t officially acknowledged the surgical work she received, but she did mention that Kanye is a bit happier underneath the sheets than in recent years, and we can’t possibly think of why that would be.

#18 – Lil’ Kim ($19,625)

A lot of people don’t recognize Lil’ Kim these days, since she looks more like a white muppet than the African-American rapper we were used to seeing in the 1990’s.

Lil’ Kim had five operations done while disappearing from the limelight and came back very differently.
Among Lil’ Kim’s procedures were; a skin bleach (thus creating the white effect), lip injections, a nose job, liposuction and breast implants.

When it was all said and done, Lil’ Kim ended up having more plastic surgeries than hit singles over the last 15 years. She still has a decent net worth of $18 million, though.

#17 – Dolly Parton ($23,000)

Dolly Parton may be getting up there in age but as far as nearly 70 year old singers go she is practically aging like a vampire; it turns out that Dolly’s secret might not just be good health and a proper diet: it seems that some serious plastic surgery is involved too.

Parton has undergone several surgeries over the years to rack up the 23,000 dollar price tag she has currently amassed, and it was all with the intention of holding on to her youthful looks for as long as humanly possible.
Parton said that whenever something starts to wrinkle or sag she quickly sets up an appointment to get it handled, but as the years start adding on we have to question whether this continues to be a sound business model; how long before Dolly burns away her fortune trying to look like the sexiest grandma in the retirement home? If Parton wants to be an 80 year old woman getting Botox then that is her prerogative, but the truth is that we will always love you, Dolly.

#16 – Donatella Versace ($25,000)

I mean it seems pretty self explanatory… you’re a multimillion dollar fashion designer and you need to look good for the customers and the fans: if you aren’t the pinnacle of modern fashion then who is going to buy into the idea of your products? It turns out, however, that chasing after beauty can often lead you down a dangerous dark path, and in Donatella’s case she really really wishes she would have brought a torch for this one: her botched plastic surgeries have made her the target of critics all over the world.

You would think that if you have over 200 million dollars to your name that you would spare no expense when slicing open your body, but maybe even the best surgeons make mistakes: instead of looking like she is full of life Versace looks like she had the life sucked out of her by Dolly Parton! Botox, lasers, fillers, and in her case a face-drop, but it doesn’t seem like she is making any effort to go back: judging by the puffiness she might just be allergic.

#15 – Vivica Fox ($26,085)

Vivica Fox was never really an A-list star, even during her most relevant period.

Fox wanted to stay at least somewhat relevant and young looking, so she opted to go under the knife. The procedures Fox had were Botox injections, lip injections, jaw implants, a facelift and breast implants.
You know, just for fun, let’s take a look at a list of cars that came out in 2014 that cost less than Fox’s surgeries.

Mazda Miata, Fiat 500 Abarth, Scion FR-S, Ford Fiesta and the Jeep Wrangler. Those aren’t bad cars and will probably last longer than jaw implants. Just remember that.

#14 – Lara Flynn Boyle ($28,000)

Lara Flynn Boyle is a tad obscure as an actress but you might know her from her role in “Men In Black II” or her recurring role as Donna Hayward in the early 90s series “Twin Peaks,” which is actually returning in 2017.

Just like the name of her most recognizable show, Boyle essentially hit her peak in the early 90s as well, and ever since then she has been taking rather insignificant roles in an attempt to stay relevant, but when no one takes you as seriously as you’d like you sometimes have to search elsewhere for assistance.
At only 44 years old Boyle went under the knife for some rather drastic work, and when she emerged it looked like she got into a scuffle with some bees: her face was incredibly puffy and her lips were swollen beyond belief.

It seems like she is still landing roles despite the drastic change in appearance, but it makes you wonder: when “Twin Peaks” returns do you think they’ll explain how Lara’s character had a midlife crisis as well?

#13 – Heidi Montag ($30,000)

Heidi Montag is a serial contestant on various Reality Shows, and has also made quite the name for herself as a fashion designer, singer, and author.

Heidi’s most notable role with in “The Hills” and to date she is still regarded as a popular celebrity, making appearances around the U.S. on talk shows like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” In order to stay ahead of the growing talent in the reality show industry Montag did something unthinkable: she underwent more than ten surgeries in a single day!
In one sitting Heidi had a brow lift, a nose job, her ears pinned, her chin shaved (and not with a razor), two breast enlargements, her back scooped out, her cheekbones inflated by injecting fat, and liposuction on her outer and inner thighs; Heidi explained the process as so painful that she thought she was going to die, and said she was so swollen that she couldn’t even use the bathroom for the next few days.

Montag has said that she never intends to return for more work, but she already learned the hard way: no pain, no gain.

#12 – Kathy Griffin ($30,000)

Kathy Griffin got her start as a comedian but there is certainly nothing funny about how quickly her career blew up: after only ten years in the industry Kathy was landing regular gigs and started getting film and T.V.

offers by the drove. Griffin was never the drop dead gorgeous lead that she thought she could be, and because of her experience as a comedian it seemed she was type casted into comical roles, so she thought with a little extra push she thought she could make it into the big time for sure.
Despite the typical negative results of older women attempting to recapture their youth, Griffin’s results actually came out rather nicely: she may not look like a starlet but the work was a definite improvement.

Kathy received a brow lifting, breast implant, chemical peeling, Botox injection, nose job, and an eyelid procedure, and overall she was pretty impressed with the outcome: right after the work was complete she was given a brand new wave of offers including some roles as a voice actor… not exactly what she had in might when she got a surgical makeover, but she’ll take it nonetheless.

#11 – Pete Burns ($38,000)

You probably don’t remember who Pete Burns is but at one point he just couldn’t wait to turn you fight round like a record baby, and then the only thing he wanted to turn right round was his entire life.

Burns came to the conclusion that he was actually a woman in a man’s body, and decided the only logical step was to blow thousands of dollars trying to create the perfect female body: it just so turns out the perfect female body happens to be a creature from a nightmare.
After 38,000 dollars had been poured into every plastic surgery imaginable to try and capture his ideal look, Burns essentially became an outcast in the music industry.

To this day burns still says that he will do whatever is necessary to maintain his new signature look for as long as possible , but what more can you really do once you hit your 60s? If you haven’t mastered the feminine charm by then you’re pretty much just going to wind up spending money over and over again and getting the exact same result: maybe it’s time for a new hit single.

#10 – Roseanne Barr ($45,000)

Roseanne Barr was the target of some of the nastiest jokes in television history when she played the titular character in the 90s show “Roseanne,” alongside the acting great John Goodman; she was absolutely perfect at playing a wise cracking matriarch that always seemed to get the last laugh, and who was always one step ahead of the curve.

After “Roseanne” finished airing she was finding a hard time landing roles, and she was sick and tired of being typecast as the fat comic relief, so she figured it was time for a change.

Barr got a nose job, a breast reduction, a tummy tuck, and gastric bypass surgery that served as a catalyst for sparking her weight loss; after she lost the weight she didn’t get the roles she desired, so she decided to create her own: she became a producer and used her television fame to build her own company from the ground up! Barr is getting a bit on the older side now, but she is still taking humorous selfies of herself in the same pose as the Kardashians, but she may want to watch out: I’m pretty sure the Kardashians will win in a battle of the plastic surgeries.

#9 – Caitlyn Jenner ($60,000)

Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) was the talk of the town when she decided to embark on the brave (some would say despicable) journey to change her gender; unlike Pete Burns, Caitlyn spared no expense, and as a result the outcome was much more impressive: she actually looks the part! Caitlyn expected that the general public wouldn’t react too kindly to her decision to make such a drastic change, but surprisingly she was met with an overwhelming outcry of support, which gave her the last it of push she needed to make her dreams become a reality.

Caitlyn’s plastic surgeries stretched across her entire body, but the big finale was a 10 hour facial feminization surgery that would convert the masculine characteristics like the jaw-bone into a softer and more feminine appearance.

Caitlyn said that after the surgeries concluded that the change was hard to adjust to, and that the results were so drastic that she suffered a panic attack: don’t worry Caitlyn you weren’t the only one, I’m sure there were plenty whose heart wasn’t ready for that one.

#8 – Barry Manilow ($70,000)

I don’t know about you, but no place ever seemed so welcoming or upbeat to me than the Copacabana night club, which singer-songwriter Barry Manilow serenaded us about in 1978.

Barry was an absolute hit of the 70s, and you could hardly escape his soothing melodies and lulling voice no matter where you went. Barry always felt like he wasn’t particularly attractive and he thought that a change in appearance would do him some good, both for his sex life, and for his career: it turned out he was wrong.

After Barry went under the knife for a brow lift, a forehead lift, a facelift, Botox injections, and eyelid surgery, the result was actually rather disappointing: there was pretty much no change.

Unfortunately for Barry Manilow it turns out that if you throw 70,000 dollars worth of surgery at a face as prominent as his you wind up with an equally prominent face. At least there is some silver lining for Manilow’s story: after the work he wound up getting married to another man, who apparently thought his unusual face was something to cherish; it’s unclear whether this story was the basis of Manilow’s song, “It’s a Miracle,” but one can dream.

#7 – Kris Jenner ($70,000+)

Kris Jenner is the brood mother of the Kardashians, which means that she is everything you love or hate about the Kardashian sisters but amplified several times over.

Kris has one of the most extensive purely aesthetic plastic surgery records to ever exist, and unlike several of the other celebs on this list, she has absolutely no problem letting everyone know just how much she loves it! Kris actually enjoys the plastic surgery process so much, that she has every operation filmed so that she can go back and watch them as a leisurely activity.

To date, Jenner has received a boob job, removed the very same boob job, gotten Botox, laser surgery, fillers, and tons of other smaller procedures; Kris has been building up her surgery record for over 40 years and is showing no signs of stopping.

Kris recently gave an interview regarding her surgeries claiming that it was on the greatest things she ever did, and that when she no longer thought it was the greatest thing she just had it all reversed: that doesn’t sound like a very good investment but what do I know? I don’t have 70,000 dollars to throw around.

#6 – Joan Rivers ($99,000)

When you think of the comedians who really changed the world of comedy in a significant way that can never be replicated, you think of comedians like George Carlin, Richard Prior, and Joan Rivers.

Rivers was the gal who showed the world that women could be funny too, and that she could do it with a completely original style, and in without piggy backing her material off of any of the established names at the time.
Joan Rivers has continued to stay relevant throughout the years, but as time grows longer and longer it became more apparent to her that she just wasn’t what she used to be.

Rather than pack up the bags and retire, Rivers decided that she was going to spend the rest of her time doing what she loved, but if she was going to go on stage and keep getting laughs that she would need to look the part: and plastic surgery was the answer. To date Joan Rivers has had 739 minor procedures, most of them consisting of Botox injections, and as a result her face is mostly emotionless: which is a good thing, because that’s exactly how she delivers her jokes.

#5 – Sharon Osbourne ($185,000)

Underneath the hair dye and the crazy clothes Sharon Osborne is actually a surprisingly normal looking gal, which is all the more confusing when you realize that she dated the musical prince of darkness.

When Sharon first started getting plastic surgery it was out of insecurity: she was dating a big rock star and felt like she wasn’t living up to his expectations of her; rather than do the adult thing and have a conversation about it she felt the best thing to do was spend nearly 200,000 dollars crafting herself into her ideal shape and size.
Sharon eventually realized that no matter what she did she just wasn’t going to look exactly like what she wanted to, and so she learned to love herself instead, which turns out to in fact be way healthier and way cheaper as well.

Mrs. Osborne said in an interview that she fully intends to never step foot in a surgeon’s office ever again, claiming that she would rather put the money to good use and give it to someone else who could genuinely use it (like her husband for example).

#4 – Demi Moore ($500,000)

Demi Moore is an actress, a songwriter, a filmmaker, a model, a high school dropout, in fact let’s just agree that Demi Moore is a grade “A” celebrity prodigy.

Moore has kept a youthful appearance throughout the majority of her career but has vehemently denied that it being the result of plastic surgery, however after years of questioning and interviews the truth was finally revealed to be exactly what you would expect: she had been receiving surgical assistance over the course of her career, and racking up quite the bill doing it.
Demi first admitted to having a series of surgeries below the neck, but when her most recent face lift didn’t go as expected it became clear she was full of it; now she has owned up to her work and stands behind its effectiveness at helping her stay both In the public eye, and in the spotlight of her employers.

Moore’ half million dollar plastic surgery price tag has more than made up its own cost by now, but it seems like Demi is finally starting to fizzle out on the surgeries: else she may wind up with “more” accidents.

#3 – Michael Jackson ($1 Million)

The king of pop was always the center of a great deal of controversy: not only because he was one of the finest artists to ever take the stage, but because of his severe conditions and change in appearance.

While it is certainly true that Jackson’s rapid change was (at its core) caused by an intensifying form of Vitiligo, Jackson had racked up a rather significant bill and it wasn’t from treatments: it was from plastic surgery.
Jackson attempted to stunt the noticeability of his disease by altering his facial features (obviously it didn’t work out so well).
By the time Jackson was 350,000 dollars in debt he had undergone over 100 operations, with a total bill of over one million dollars; in an effort to pay his extensive bills he agreed to fund a final tour, but the stress was keeping him awake. When Jackson got a prescription to help him sleep, it would be that medication which would eventually lead to his death. Jackson will always be remembered as the artist who elevated pop music to entire new levels… and of course for dangling his baby over a ledge, but we can pick and choose can’t we?

#2 – Kylie Jenner ($2 Million)

The Jenners certainly have something for plastic surgery, don’t they? Kylie Jenner is the youngest member of the list and surprisingly is also one of the most severe surgery hounds that is out there: she has already accumulated a gargantuan 2 million dollar bill.

Despite the obvious nature of Kylie’s work she stands steadfast that she hasn’t undergone any work: that was until an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” where she finally compromised and relented that she had gotten lip fillers. Come on Kylie, did you really expect us to believe that the only time you went under was at the dentist and that your chest grew two sizes because you hit a growth spurt?

Kylie’s surgeries haven’t all been in vain, though: her intend was to look closer to her sister, Kim Kardashian, because (after all) she does get all the attention, doesn’t she? It seems Kylie’s plan has worked after all, because now that she is of age and looking better than ever, Jenner is receiving numerous job offers for modeling and T.V. appearances. The Kardashian motto must going something like: you have to have money to make money… oh, and plastic surgery too.

#1 – Jocelyn Wildenstein ($2 Million)

There probably isn’t a day in her life that the ‘socialite’ Jocelyn Wildenstein (also known as “Catwoman”) doesn’t get asked “what in the world happened to you?” What happened was a series of unnecessary plastic surgeries that spanned the course of a few decades, racking up bills worth over $2 million.

After all of these surgeries, the end result has made Wildenstein look more like a nightmarish version of a cat than a person.
Jocelyn has had so many surgeries that listing them all would just be a waste of your time, but just know that she has had her eyelids stretched to the side of her face.

She has also had surgery on her lips that makes her look like Heath Ledger’s version of “The Joker”. Except Jocelyn doesn’t have an interesting backstory like “The Joker”, she just married into a rich family. Her ex-husband Alec Wildenstein got the last laugh, putting a clause in their initial $2.5 billion divorce settlement (plus an extra $100 million per year) that absolutely no money is to be used for plastic surgery.

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