See Here: 20 Most Shocking Children’s Toys Ever Made

20. Poo Dough-

When you’re 7 years old, playing with fecal matter has a level of comedy that often baffles adults. Well, mostly mothers. Kids can now use the dark brown modeling compound to mold their own replica poop. No longer will the kids have to play with their own and if you’re feeling creative, you could even mold corn pieces into it to give it that extra realistic look. This apparently was one of the best sellers in 2013.

19. Bruno, the cat toy -

From a novel designer toy boutique creating original toy characters. They make toys with a twist and they all have one thing in common. They’ve all been run over and they call it Squash Plush. There really isn’t much else to say about this one apart from it’s a dead toy cat with it’s guts hanging out, which is pretty sad really. You would hope not too many of these are bought for young children, but it looks like they’re selling fast.

18. Dora Aquapet -

No one saw the design of this one and thought a dildo shaped Dora the Explorer toy might not be the best idea. It takes most people approximately one second to notice the inappropriate shape. How then did the entire company not see this? They also managed to do the same thing with the Spongebob characters without realizing.

17. The Breast Milk Baby -

this $60 doll lets girls as young as 2 breast feed and sparked outrage among mums as it went on sale for Christmas a few years back. Apparently the Breast Milk Baby doll makes suckling sounds when put to the child’s nipples and needs to be winded afterwards. That made concerned mothers label it as weird and creepy.

16. This Batman water gun is poorly designed.

15. Inflatable Titanic Slide -

Leave it up to China to come up with something like this. This isn’t disrespectful in the slightest. That’s right. There are people out there who will gladly cash out on re-enacting the dramatic sinking of the Titanic in a totally fun way. The Inflatable Titanic Slide was very popular with the visitors at the local place from the pictures above, but it ended up being banned following complaints from Switzerland’s Titanic Club.

14. The blue one is fine, but the pink one sort of looks like something else.

13. Toy Pedo –

As you can see from this packaging, the ToyPedo is a projectile launched by hand meant to be inserted into young boy’s mouths that can travel up to 40 feet. Parents all over America were complaining this toy was somewhat sexual. The company that made it thought it was the fact that it had the word “Pedo ” on it. Its shape was similar to a penis and on the box it read “To Be Fired From Children’s Mouths”. It was suggested that the parents were just reading into it a bit too much.

12. Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kids

– In the 1980s, Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage and nearly every girl had one. These particular dolls came with plastic food you could feed into their mouths, but the dolls had an appetite for children’s fingers and adhered to and without an off switch, there were reports of kids who had their fingers caught in the doll’s mouth. Parents were shocked that the company would make such a product.

11. Pee and Poop Plush Dolls –

If you’re looking for the best and easiest market to dominate, it’s surely toilet creation plush dolls. This is a great way of teaching your kids that urine is a fun toy and should be played with as often as possible. They are most likely an instant conversation starter when people first see them or a great gift for anyone with a sense of humor.

10. Childbirth Barbie -

Apparently it’s never too early to start thinking about children. Since 1959, Barbie has been inspiring young girls around the world although this time parents seem to think Mattel went too far. The Childbirth Barbie features a detachable magnetic stomach that allows for easy birth and the curled up baby pops up when the belly is opened, which shows young girls how easy pregnancy and labor really is.

9. Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow -

What’s better than having a nice cold glass of milk from the fridge? Apparently milking it from your own toy cow. Believe it or not, this toy allowed kids to milk the udders from a fake cow for hours on end. You can only imagine just how much fun the kids had in the late 1970s. You cranked the cow’s tail to make it drink water and when it was done, it raised it’s head and mooed, then you milked it. It also came with little white tablets to make the water white and a trough, milking bucket and also a bell.

8. Vibrating Nimbus 2000 -

This seems innocent enough, it’s just a replica Harry Potter broom. Where’s the harm in that, right? Well some people seem to think it’s the vibrating feature that makes this product questionable. Parents who got the genius idea to buy the broom as a gift for their children opted to leave the batteries out and on the other hand, one innovative, if not a little disturbing, Amazon reviewer transformed the broom into an actual sex toy for his girlfriend.

7. Lego Concentration Camp -

This piece was never actually released to the public and it never went on sale. Instead, they say it’s a work of art. In 1996 a Polish artist was given the Lego bricks used in this model for free from the Lego Corporation itself. Lego threatened to sue the artist, but the lawsuit was later dropped and in 2012 the Lego artwork sold for $71,000 US Dollars.

6. Watergun -

5. Babies First Baby -

I guess the creator of this toy is trying to make some sort of statement, but whatever the purpose, the end result is a pregnant baby. For even more realism, the doll has stretch marks and believe it or not, the water actually breaks and for the same price, you can get double the fun with pregnancy twins, each pregnant with their very own set of pregnant twins.

4. World Trade Center Airplane Toy -

In 2004 a company purchased a large quantity of small toys to insert into bags of candy as a toy surprise. They ordered the toy from an import group without knowing what they had until it was too late. The toys clearly depict the toy between two sky scrapers and these toys were no coincidence either. They are clearly labeled with the product number 9011 and when the customers decided to complain, the candy and toys were quickly taken off the shelves.

3. Black Oreo Fun Barbie -

In 1997 Mattel teamed up with another company to release this toy for children called Oreo Fun Barbie. Somehow, nobody at either company was aware the term “Oreo” is an offensive and widely politically incorrect term used to describe a black person who acts like they’re white so when the dark skinned version of the Oreo Fun Barbie was being sold, there was quite an outcry. Because of that ,the white version of the Barbie can be purchased for just a few dollars, but the black version sells as high as $100 because Mattel recalled the unsold stock of the doll.

2. You Can Shave the Baby -

What better way of spending quality time with your children than with a fake baby you can shave? First of all, yes this was a real toy, a doll your young child can shave pubic hair from and second, what human child actually produces that much body hair. It looks like some kind of a human gorilla that should have been destroyed in the lab and not played with by your nieces and nephews.

1. Straight Jacket and Cage -

An agency from Brazil created a line of toys for badly behaved kids, which were made for an episode of the TV show Super Nanny. These control toys, which included the lovely straight jacket and the funny cage were placed on toy shelves in Brazil to capture the attention of parents. The back of the boxes read “There are different ways to discipline your child. Just watch Super Nanny”.


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