Read Here: 8 Signs That Show He Misses You

He has moved out of town or you have changed the place where you live and he cannot just get over the fact that you’re not with him. He had become so reliant on you that he misses you and just wants to be with you again. Here are 8 signs that will show you that he misses you:

8.He texts you over the most pointless things.
He misses you so he decided to text you over the most pointless things. From telling you about how well his football team is doing to informing you that his next meeting is scheduled tomorrow – he just wants a reason to talk to you. And yes, sometimes, that would mean that he would bore you to death!

7. Missed calls!!
He just wants to hear your voice. Boys can act childish more than us women and when he misses you, he will go crazy and would just want to hear your voice. Now you could be in the shower or something but your phone will be flooded with missed calls as you return.

6. He IMMEDIATELY texts back.
You just text-ed him asking about how is it going and before you could even check if the text has been sent or not, you see ‘…’ with his name. It is almost like he had the phone in his hand and he was waiting for you to text him. If he misses you, he will not let go of small chances to talk to you.

5. He hugs your pillow to sleep.
Did you walk on him while he was sleeping and found out that he was sleeping while hugging your pillow? Or did he tell you on phone that your pillow smells like your shampoo? When he misses you, he just wants a sign of you with him so he hugs your pillow and sleeps.

4. He wants a picture of you.
When he misses you, he just wants to see you. It might not even be any sort of lust. He just wants to see your face because he misses it so he will ask you for photos of your face. It might sound a little weird to some girls but women like me will go crazy over this! HE IS ADORABLE!

3. He will fight with you over the pettiest issues.
He misses you and he has no idea what he can do about it. It might frustrate him a lot and he will have to take his frustration out so he will just fight with you. It often makes me laugh when he does it because I know the reason why he is fighting so I don’t fight back and it frustrates him even more so he just lets it all out.

2. He will look at your old pictures.
You wake up one morning and find out that your Facebook news-feed is filled with old photos of yours since he stayed up all night liking them. Same goes with your Instagram photos. How did he even find these photos from 2 years ago? When he misses you, he will do desperate things – even if that means spending hours on your social networking accounts.

1. He makes magnificent plans for the next time.
He misses you so much all the time that he spends his free time making plans for the next time. He will mention the craziest and most expensive things: trips, dinners, rides etc. You need to know that he just wants to make you feel special so listen to whatever he has to say.


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