Learn Here: Homemade Magic Hair Growth oil - Healthy, Thick Hair and Long Hair

If you have been suffering from thinning of hair and premature balding, then here is a remedy video for you. Use this oil for the rejuvenation of your hair and improve their health.


100ml 100% virgin coconut oil,
100ml olive oil,
100 ml sesame oil,
100 ml mustard oil,
100 ml castor oil,
2 hands full of dry amla,
2 handful of curry leaves,
2 small onions.


Mix all oils and heat in a pan on a low flame. Add the dry amla, curry leaves and chopped onions into the oil and let them turn black. Remove flame and using a sieve drain out the oil in to a air-tight bottle.

Use this oil twice a week for 2 months and see the difference for yourself.

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