See Here: 30 Of the Most Terrifying Pictures the Internet Has Ever Seen

30. The Notice

29. The Figure in the Window

28. This was recorded by a hunter's camera set up in the woods

27. The Strange Case of Jeremy Bentham

26. The Footprints in the Snow

25. A picture drawn by a six-year-old girl.

24. This bizarre image was captured by a store's security camera at a Redbox.

23. If you look closely behind the wedding, you can see what appears to be a cult wearing robes and hoods.

22. Is this proof of time travel?

21. The mysterious sailors captured in Hawaii.

20. No one has been able to explain this mysterious figure spotted in the crowd of a soccer match in 2013.

19. The inside of a camel's mouth is one of the creepiest things you'll ever see.

18. It might be time to find a new house.

17. Never test your camera equipment at old farms.

16. Your kid will be thrilled to know there's no Santa Claus after seeing this.

15. Is this unexplained photo a staged scene or a rare moment captured of a terrifying cult?

14. This is an image from Miyake-jima, where everyone must carry a gas mask at all times, due to the vast amount of volcanic activity.

13. The Crawling Ghost

12. Be careful where you buy your fresh fruit.

11. And also don't eat vegetables anymore. Just to be safe, don't eat anything.

10. You can guarantee this freaky ultrasound image is definitely not going on the Christmas card this year.

9. Why does the tree look like that? Oh, because it's been overtaken by tarantulas.

8. Is this proof of psychic telemetry?

7. No idea what's happening in this creepy photo, but that's why you always get insurance on a rental car.

6. The Wem Town Hall Fire

5. They met on Tinder before you had to pay a monthly fee.

4. She probably just didn't have her hair done and was trying to avoid the camera.

3. Who knew costumes this simple could be so creepy?

2. "Sorry, I have a ghost boyfriend.

1. This is more than likely what it looks like in hell, or at least Orlando.


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