See Here: Woman Died After Attempting Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

MIAMI – 19 year old Natalie Cardenas was found dead in her bedroom after apparently attempting the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”. Since the death, authorities have announced that the Kylie Jenner Challenge is prohibited from attempting, and anyone who is caught attempting it can be jailed for 30 days.

Natalie Cardenas was discovered dead in her bedroom by her mother and father Thursday afternoon before calling the authorities. according to authorities, they found Natalie on the floor with “huge lips”, and a shot glass in her hands , which she used for the Kylie Jenner Challenge.

“We walked in and saw the corpse of Natalie“, says officer Ryan Laroche “But for a split second after I saw her I thought it was flappy bird, until I realized it was a girl. She had a shot glass in her hand, so sad she couldn’t survive the Kylie Jenner challenge, there is no one to blame but Kylie Jenner for making girls think they don’t look good without Jay-Z lips. The Kylie Jenner challenge should be illegal“ , finished officer Laroche, a few hours before authorities made the Kylie Jenner Challenge illegal.

But how did the Kylie Jenner challenge kill Natalie? Doctors are saying the pressure her lips underwent in the shot glass was enough to irritate and bust the veins in her face, and eventually bleed out to death internally. Doctors are warning people not to attempt the Kylie Jenner challenge, or they will end up dead or seriously injured, OR even worse, looking like Kylie Jenner. Although now being illegal in all 50 states, authorities cannot stop anyone from doing it in their homes or anywhere secluded. HUZLERS.COM

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