See Here: When You See What Doctors Extracted From Her Face, You Will Lose It

#1 Karla Flores' Incident
On a very hot day, the mother of three, was selling seafood as she regularly does on a street of Culiacán, in the state of Sinaloa, in northwestern Mexico. Suddenly she heard a loud explosion.

#2 She's Struck In The Face
She turned to look where the loud noise came from and something hit her face on the left cheek. She instantly fell down onto the sidewalk and felt a burning where she was struck, she felt it was bleeding. Luckily a passerby rushed her to the hospital.

#3 A Live Grenade!
Upon getting an x-ray the object that struck Flores was identified by military personnel as being the head of a live grenade! The noise she heard was the grenade being fired with a launcher, but somehow it didn't explode upon hitting her face.

#4 Hospital Heroes
If the grenade had exploded it would've killed everyone within a 32-foot radius, any movement could set it off. Quickly, the hospital isolated Flores and realized that working on her would be risky and deadly. Bravely four medical team members volunteered to operate on her: Two anesthesiologists, Felipe Ortiz y Cristina Soto, the nurse Rodrigo Arredondo and Dr. Lidia Soto.

#5 The Operation Location
Two explosive experts from the Mexican army joined the medical team as they took Flores to an open field to operate on her. They brought all the necessary surgical equipment with them, so they would be isolated incase the grenade blew.

#6 The Surgery
Flores only had local anesthesia during the surgery and it also required that she have a tracheotomy to breathe while they extracted the explosive device.

#7 Post Surgery
The surgery was a miraculous success, she's had to go through additional procedures and has at least three years more of operations. Flores lost half of her teeth, her face is deformed by the giant scar. . . But In Mexico, she's now called the Miracle Woman.

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