See Here: This Parasite Is The Only One That Routinely Uses Human Hosts

The oestridae, also known as the botfly, warble fly, or gadfly, looks fairly harmless when it's mature.

Almost cute, right?

But it's the larvae that you have to worry about.

This is the only parasite in the world that routinely uses human hosts.

Botflies attach their eggs to human flesh.

The creatures are stimulated by their host's warmth, which causes them to burrow into the skin. It's extremely painful.

Eventually, the botfly will mature and fly away on its own, but it's still probably a good idea to remove it before it gets to that point.

Some methods of removal seem to work, and the larvae can be coaxed to the surface by tree sap or tape.

Since I basically screamed bloody murder when I found a tick in my leg, a botfly infestation would probably be my worst nightmare. I can't deal with the fact that these things burrow so deeply into the skin. It's gross.

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