See Here: This is the Most Terrifying Hotel Room in the World. It Will Give You Chills!

#1 Nature Vive
This is the Nature Vive hotel, located on the side of a cliff in Peru, and yes, you have to climb to it ... 400 feet high.

#2 Skylodge Adventure Suite
There are three capsules on the cliff and inside your Skylodge Adventure Suite, you can see forever, as the suite is a transparent capsule.

#3 Lodging Capacity
Each capsule comfortably sleeps 8 people.

#4 Construction
The capsules are made from weather resistant polycarbonate and aerospace aluminum, which allows for it to adapt to any weather conditions.

#5 Accomodations
Each capsule is equipped with four beds, a private bathroom, and a dining area.

#6 The View
If you can get over your fear of falling, the view is magnificent from anywhere in the capsule.

#7 Fresh Air
And pop out the top for a breath of fresh air, very fresh air.

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