See Here: This Home Remedy For Ingrown Hairs Is So Easy You'll Never Do It Another Way

People with thick, curly hair know all too well the pain of ingrown hairs.

Yeah, these nasty things. They can be painful and deep, and they can get infected.

You don't need a fancy treatment for an ingrown hair, though. Just a few common household ingredients are all that's needed.

Start with a slice of bread, some milk, and a needle.

Warm up the milk, just a bit hotter than lukewarm.

Dip the bread into the warm milk.

Press the bread lightly over the affected area for a few minutes, until the bread gets cold.

Dip the bread into the milk again and repeat for 10 minutes. By then, the pore should have opened up.

Get your needle.

Sterilize your needle with rubbing alcohol or boiling water. Can't stress that enough.

Then, gently poke the hair out with the needle. Presto!

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