See Here: She S3xted Her Boyfriend This, She Never Expected His Response... She Can’t Believe It!

#1 Hi Amanda
Well, now his random friend knows what your nether region looks like. Classy girl.

#2 Caught You B!
And just like that, she fell for the trap...dang girl that was too easy!

#3 Well This Is Awkward
Her response is priceless...instead of apologizing profusely, she states the obvious!

#4 Ugly Ho
Sorry girl, he's busy with these amazing fun bags...your the LAST thing on his mind.

#5 It Wasn't Me
So she admits that she sent a picture of someone who ISN'T her to the wrong person...

#6 Hey Janice
Wow janice, he already has someone to take a shower with. Your stuck washing off alone...

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