See Here: She Extends Her Lower Lashline, Then Fills The Gaps With Glitter.

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The first and most important step is to clean your eyelids and prep it for the make up by applying a base.

The next step is to apply the eye shadow which is a mixture of the brown and light cream shade which she blends in and darkens to create the crease.

She creates a shimmery look by applying a gel based shadow.

The most important step is to apply the liner. She does so by applying the lower lash line and smudging it out to create the smoky look and then she goes for a half liner on the upper lid with a wing.

Give it a glittery look by applying the glitter line and then finally she fixes her fake lashes.

To keep it summery light she goes for simple bronzing and blush on with a touch of highlighting and contouring.

Also the lips need to have a light pink summery shade to go with the entire look.

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