See Here: Selfie With A Rattlesnake Gone Wrong, Left This Man A Horrific Wound And A Whopping $153K Hospital Bill

A San Diego local, Todd Fassler, nearly died after trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake which he caught in some bush in Southern California.

He claimed to own a pet rattlesnake, so it is a question why he had to get a wild snake for his selfie. Obviously, the wild creature did not like the treatment and bit his photographer in the arm.

Fassler suffered a horrific wound to his arm after trying to take a selfie.

In the efforts to save Fassler’s life, doctors drained the anti-venom stock from two different hospitals in Southern California.

But what’s even more shocking, though, was Fassler’s hospital bill!

The man’s hospital bill amounted to a whooping $153,161.25 with $83,341.25 of the total covering pharmacy costs. It is not yet confirmed if Fassler’s insurance will cover his hospital bill.

Anti-venom costs more than US$ 2,000 per vial and a single dose could be four to six vials. In severe bites, administering more than one dose is not uncommon.

Recently, Fassler released a video of his pet rattlesnake being set free in the wild thinking animal services would appreciate it.

Meanwhile, The Centers for Disease Control reported that out of the 8,000 people bitten by venomous snakes every year in the U.S. five to six of them die.


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