See Here: Scientists cut this stone open. When blood pours towards them, they make this unbelievable discovery! 21 more natural wonders of this planet.

Are you afraid of thunderstorms? Then you shouldn't move HERE. It lightnings and thunders near the mouth of the Rio Catatumbo in Venezuela an astounding 160 days per year, 10 hours a day and 160 times an hour!

Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is the home of more than 120 million crabs. During late Fall, they flee the forest collectively for the beach to mate. This red mass migration gave birth to these spectacular pictures!

At first look, it looks like a big stone. But it's alive! These fascinating sea creatures live on the coast of Chile.

When waters flood the these spiders' natural habitat in Pakistan, the crawlers flee to the tree and cover them with their nets.

These unusual cloud formations develop when strong wind currents are brought to oscillation by the mountain terrain.

It looks like frozen hair! But it's actually needle ice coated by bacteria called pseudomonas syringae. The result is these ice curls.

The eerie green glow of the Northern Lights counts to one of the most beautiful natural spectacles on this planet. They occur when the wind particles speed up and escape through the magnetic field into the atmosphere. There they encounter gas atoms which make the sky blaze wonderfully.

You have to look at these photos twice: a river in a river? This phenomenon can be found in Mexico. Heavier substances sink to the bottom of the river so that an underwater river forms. An unbelievable sight!

The marine luminescence occurs when the plankton in the water emits light signals due to movement on the water. The water turns itself into a blue-light rug.

This natural gas crater in Turkmenistan is called the "Gate to Hell." The flame has never extinguished since it was ignited in 1971!

These impressive lightning bolts occur due to massive amounts of energy being released in the atmosphere by a volcano. Absolutely breathtaking!

These up to 800 pound heavy boulders wander, as if on their own, through the Death Valley in California - without being moved by human or machine. Scientists have recently discovered the explanation: frost and ice make the surface so smooth during the winter, that the massive stones slide on top of the thin ice covering over the sand.

Who bothered to paint this tree? None other than Mother Nature herself! The Rainbow Eucalyptus, which grows in both the Philippines and Indonesia possesses bark that dies at different speeds. So become the various layers visible: the bright green turns into a rich dark green then turns to blue, purple, pink, orange, red - and finally to brown.

That's no blue lava erupting from the Kawah Ijen volcano on the Indonesian island Java. That's 1,000-degree sulfur reacting with oxygen in the atmosphere. It catches fire immediately and transforms into a burning, blue liquid rolling down the side of the volcano. A singular natural spectacle!

This sodium lake in Tanzania contains so much salt that dead animals transform into terrifying salt statues. Creepy and fascinating at the same time.

Rainbow trees, wandering stones, and underwater rivers: incredible what wonders our planet Earth contains! When these incredible snapshots also made your jaw drop, then share these insane pictures with everyone that you know!

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