See Here: The Scientifically Best Way to Kiss

So while perusing through some things of interest, I located a YouTube video from BuzzFeedBlue about kissing! Now, I love everything to do with kissing .... the health benefits, the feelings it instills.... But sometimes you can get let down by a kiss - even when it's from someone you're dating!
So that's why I wanted to share this really short video with you today.
First off, I wanted to share some benefits of kissing with you

CNN states the following benefits:

1.helps reduce blood pressure 2.zaps cramps & headaches 3.fights cavities 4.amps up your “happy hormones” 5.burns (a few) calories 6.boost self-esteem 7.can help give a facelift (can shape neck and jawline)’s a barometer for sexual compatibility

Reader’s Digest added a few more …

1.boosts immunity 2.helps pick best mate (not just sexual compatibility) 3.naturally relaxes you

And PsychCentral gave some of the above benefits as well as added in some health benefits to hugging!

So with all of these wonderful benefits, it’s no wonder this has become a subject worthy of studying! According to the below video, 59% of students reported that their initial attraction “ended after a less than stellar first smooch” … But I bet if they followed what I learned from the same video things may have been different!

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