See Here: RIP Conversation: 21 Images Show How Smartphones Are Taking Over Our Life

Simply picking up your cell phone and seeing alerts for new likes on Facebook,or a message from your best friend sparks a chemical reward in the brain.This chemical reaction is what makes us addicted to our smartphones. In proof, the average user picks up their phone to check Facebook and personal emails by 7:31 am,often before ever getting out of bed.Throughout the week the average user will look at their phone over 1,500 times.

1.What A Great Idea!

2 The Reason You are Always Tired..

3.Loners Dont Even Know They are Alone

4.Who Needs A Magic Mirror When You Have A Selfie Stick And Filters?

5.Who is In Charge Of Whom Here?

6.I Cant Die Without This New Default..NOOOO!!

7.Smartphones Are Rather Blinding

8.Remember Before Angry Birds When Kids Liked Playing Soccer?

9.Before And After Vacation Photos

10.The Game That Never Ends

11.The Latest Trend In Tan Lines

12.If No One Snaps A Photo Did It Even Happen?

13.Tweet, Tweet

14.Save The Man Or Take The Newest Instagram Photo To Go Viral? Decisions, Decisions..

15.Truly Addicted To Your Cell Phone? You Can Always Borrow Your Pets Cone!

16.Where Did My Cell Phone Go?

17.The New Age Bride And Groom

18.Life In The Woods..With Technology

19.Adult Binky

21.De@th Of Dinner Conversation

Your smartphone entertains and delights while also helping you stay more connected, but with every addiction comes plenty of drawbacks. The following cartoons perfectly depict how smartphones are taking over your life, in both funny and not-so-funny ways.

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