See Here: Mother shares photos of her baby boy at 19 weeks gestation

At 19 weeks gestation, baby Branson died as the result of a twisted umbilical cord. In September, his mother Haleigh shared photos of Branson’s hands on Facebook because the thought of her son was weighing heavily on her.

“[…] it completely amazes me how perfectly formed and how absolutely beautiful this child was,” she wrote. “I am so blessed to have gotten to hold him and tell him how much I loved and adored him. In a way, it was closure for me that I got to console him. I wanted to make sure that even though, I would never get to hear him cry, change his poopy diapers, or stumble out of bed at 3 am to make him a bottle, that he knew he would always be my baby and hold a special place in my heart.”

Haleigh labored for 13 hours and had a few select people there to support her. They all held him and they all cried. However, Haleigh writes that their tears were not just from pain and sorrow.

“[…] not just tears of sadness, tears of happiness because at that moment, I was at my most peaceful state,” wrote Haleigh. “He changed my life and changed everyone who got to be a part of this amazing moment.”

Haleigh chose to share pictures of Branson’s hands specifically because they have special meaning to her. They were perfect, with ten little perfectly formed fingers. They reminded Haleigh of the preciousness and miracle of life.

“This little guy touched my heart and even though the moments I had with him were not nearly enough, I’m reminded everyday how precious life is and how a child is nothing less than that of a miracle from God. So by sharing these photos, I have presented proof that yes, even at just 19 weeks, this tiny thing is a human being. This is a life…. A soul! So if you think that abortion or termination of pregnancy is okay, and that at this gestational age, a “fetus” has no right to his or her own life, think again.”

Haleigh knows that preborn humans can’t speak for themselves and therefore don’t get a say in their own right to life. So Haleigh is using Branson to speak for them, knowing that he has the ability to help others choose life.

“If I can change someones mindset, even just one persons, I know that Branson served a way bigger purpose than just the one he did in my life,” wrote Haleigh. “[…] Even though my baby isn’t here, he was just as much a person as you and I or anyone else.”

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