See Here: Her Rainbow Liner Is Impressive, But Glitter Makes This Look Beyond Fabulous

Check it out and follow the steps to get this look –

The first and most important step is to clean your eyelids and prep it for the make up by applying a base.

The first choice of eye shadow that she goes for is a reddish - brownish shade which should be easily available in your eye shadow palate. Using your shadow brush, gently apply it to the inner and outer corners of your eye.

The next step is to pick out a lighter skin tone shade and use it to blend in the previous (morocco shade) shadow. Gently use your brush to blend it in and create a depth in your crease.

Fill in the centre of the lid with a peach shade and blend it on with the morocco shade to give it a one continuous look.

Repeat the same for the lower lash line with the morocco shade and apply it on to the inner and outer corners of the lower lash line.

Fill in the centre of the lower lash line with a mix of a darker and a lighter shade of pink and shown in the video.

Highlight the inner corners with a shimmery shade of white to give lift up the look.

The next step is a super important one as you make the rainbow liner in this one. Pick out your liner and make a winged liner as shown in the video, but do not fill it in completely.

You’ll need three shades of the liquid colored gel liners to fill in the gap, first a pink and then a yellow and then finally an ice blue one. Use the thinnest brush you can find to keep the job need and smudge proof.

Use the ice blue liner to line your lower water line.

Fill in your lid with a glitter liner which will be easily available at any cosmetic shop. Make sure to fill in only the centre and not the whole lid.

Paste on your fake lashes.

It’s important to keep the makeup minimum to let the focus be on your eyes. So just go for simple bronzing, contouring and highlighting with a hint of blush on and lip color and you’re good to go!

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