See Here: He Was Attacked By A Shark And It Ended Up Saving His Life

#1 Family Day At Huntington Beach
The waves were big on a summer day at Huntington Beach, California, when Eugene Finney and his family basked in the sun. Eugene was playing in the waves with his 10 year old daughter, Temple, showing her how to dive into them.

#2 Great White Shark
Something hit Finney in the back, harder then he had ever been hit in his life. Grabbing his daughter and pulling her to shallow water, she asked why he was bleeding, and that's when everyone saw the large gash from his right shoulder to the middle of his back.

#3 Teeth Marks
There looked to be teeth marks on his back too, but Finney put it out of his mind and returned to his hometown in Massachusetts.

#4 Persistent Pain
He soon developed pain in his chest and went to the hospital where they found inflammation around his heart and bruising in his thoracic cavity, all from the blunt force of the shark. However, that wasn't the worst of it. He had a cancerous tumor in his kidney that looked to have been there for 6 years. Immediately, doctors removed it, but if not for the shark sending him to the hospital, doctors would have never found it early enough. The shark saved his life.

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