See Here: Guess What Happens When A Teen At A Rave Decides To Lick A Frog To Get High…

It has long been bantered about that a species of toad, one, Bufo Alvarius, can cause great hallucinations to a person so inclined to have oral with it’s bumpy, oozing glands. Supposedly, the Bufo’s glands contain the psychoactive ingredient Bufoteinne, a/k/a 5-meO-DMT, a substance known by chemists to be intoxicating with psychedelic effect.

One night, at a rave, when he realized he’d lost his Ecstasy pills, a Colorado teen, Sammy Blythe, age 17, decided to seek out a random toad and lick and suck the oozing glands upon its back. Much to his dismay. He and a friend dipped down toward a nearby river and corralled the largest specimen of toad they could locate. It was there and then that Sammy Blythe grabbed up the monster and began to lick and suck that toad like no tomorrow. The friend managed to snap a photograph of the occurrence there riverside. Ouch. A sensible alternative to purchasing more “E,” right?

Not so much. Although he bragged at the party that he’d made-out with a perhaps unwilling amphibian, Blythe, 17, also told friends that he felt no effects either good, or to the opposite. His friends mocked him and called him an idiot. Blythe eventually called it a night and retired to his home to have a sleep.

The next morning Sammy awoke with an abnormally swollen tongue which also had a rough and foul-tasting consistency to it. He looked at his tongue in the mirror and began to heave into the toilet uncontrollably. His mother rushed him to St. Francis Medical Center’s ER department.

It came out then when Blythe confessed to Dr.’s and his mother about exactly what he’d done the night before.

” . . . It was difficult to keep a straight face as this young man proceeded to tell me his story. He definitely chose the wrong toad,” said ER staff member Dr. Gary Rubin. The doctor confirmed that he’s seen numerous cases of teens appearing at the hospital undergoing side-effects of licking River Toads.

Licking the ‘wrong toad’ can cause, on somewhat of a delay, a 3-week-long condition much alike ‘Black Hairy Tongue,’ which is a really gross ordeal to have and to go through. Blythe was discharged with a prescription for a round of antibiotics, and stout advice to, “Just say NO to toads.” The hospital staff is still trying to regain their composure.

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