See Here: Girl Found Frozen For 500 Years Looks Well Preserved And Alive

#1 The Mummy, Juanita La Doncella
Juanita La Doncella literally sits frozen in sleep at the High Country Archaeological Museum in Salta Argentina.

#2 The Maiden
Discoverers named her Juanita La Doncella or The Maiden. She was found with two other children on Argentina's Llullaillaco volcano which sits 22,100 feet high.

#3 Human Ritual Sacrifice
Juanita La Doncella was a teenage girl who died more than 500 years ago in a ritual sacrifice in the Andes Mountains.

#4 How They Died
According to the archaeologists who found the mummified remains in Argentina in 1999, the teen girl and the other children were left on a mountaintop to succumb to the cold as offerings to the gods.

#5 Well Preserved I
She's been called the "best preserved of any mummy", by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Johan Reinhard.

#6 Her Diet
Scientists say that her organs are intact as if she had died just a few weeks ago. This lead to the discovery that the Incas fattened the children before killing them. Before the sacrifice these children ate maize and animal proteins often only had by the elite.

#7 Why Children?
Why small children for sacrifice? Children were selected for sacrifice because they were considered to be the purest of beings. They were chosen for their beauty and possibly nobility.

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