See Here: Gamer Rejects His Catwoman Girlfriend To Play GTA Instead

Word on the internet street is that this fella turned down going to see his girlfriend’s new Catwoman costume in favour of a heavy gaming session.

She tries to entice him with a variety of poses. The guy is stubborn and steadfast as a bull however.

Needless to say, she has apparently stopped seeing him.

He immediately shares his sole intent.

She decides to take things up a notch and unleashes the cleavage.

As I said, he’s a stubborn f*cker.

It’s important to take breaks from gaming every once in a while.

He had a solid motive here as well, but hey, the man didn’t feel like it. Baffling how there is not the slightest temptation, though.

Here’s the message thread where Dude Comedy puts on some sly moves in thee ol’ messages inbox.

If anyone is in favour of gaming over fun sexy times.

Know this…

One day you will be very, very old. You will cast your mind back to these days and the opportunities that came your way. Old You, wallowing in regret, may get very angry at Young You if you do not act upon such fruitful opportunities.

As you were.


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