See Here: Florida Cops Make Young Mother Shake Her Bra During Traffic Stop

This is what happened to Zoe Brugger, a 28-year-old new mother from Florida who was stopped on May 21 by police for driving her car with a burned headlamp. The local cops also discovered that her license was suspended.

"He kept asking if we had anything in the car, he kept saying I looked way too nervous," Brugger told Tampa Bay's 10News. At that point, Lakeland Officer Dustin Fetz asked her to come out of the car and pull out her jean's pockets on both ends before he told her to lift the shirt up to her stomach, and flip her bra underwire two times.

"I felt pretty degraded and humiliated," said Brugger. "I was being forced to do this right in the middle of the road." The woman is then seen in the police car's dash-cam footage crying and talking to the officer.

In the meantime, the cops searched her car but found nothing illegal. According to the report, the officer continued to threaten to take her to jail until her stepfather, a retired criminal attorney, stepped in.

A state attorney representing Polk County told 10News that the police officer's actions to make the woman shake her bra were "highly questionable". Lakeland Police Chief Lisa Womack said the department does not condone these actions and will investigate the incident.

This is not the first time we've heard about police officers acting this way. Last summer, a female cop in Texas performed what was described then as a "roadside body cavity search" on a driver and her passenger.

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