See Here: Dad Thought He'd Never Live to See His Newborn Baby Girl. Now Watch Mom Make a Tough Decision

#1 Diane Aulger Induces Labor For Dying Husband
Some consider Diane's difficult choice to induce early labor controversial, but she wanted her dying husband, Mark, the opportunity to hold his newborn daughter before passing away.

#2 Mark Aulger Lay In A Hospital Bed For Months
When Diane became pregnant, Mark had already become bedridden. He was battling stage 3 colon cancer when he also developed pulmonary fibrosis, preventing oxygen flow from the lungs to the brain and other vital organs.

#3 The Hospital Sets Up The Delivery Room With Dad
While Diane delivered baby Savannah, Mark was right besides her in his medical bed. As a nurse hands tiny Savannah to Dad, Mom cries bittersweet tears watching him hold his new baby girl for the first time.

#4 'Hello Savannah,' Dad Says..
The Aulger family is large with three older daughters and a son, and now there's beautiful baby Savannah. Mark's a pro at welcoming another girl into the family, but he's greatly labored in his breathing.

#5 Marks Tragically Passes Away A Few Days Later
Although Diane's chose to induce early labor, she didn't regret giving Mark his first and final moments greeting baby Savannah into their family.


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