See Here: After 19 Years Of Marriage.. He Just Discovered That His Wife Was A Man.. SHOCKING!

#1 Jan And Monica
After marrying, Jan brought his wife Monica from Indonesia to Belgium with him. When she arrived, The Belgian government suspected something was wrong. There were flaws in her papers. But not even they could've guessed the TRUTH!

#2 Au Pair Monica
Before she was his wife, Monica was Jan's employee. She worked as an Au Pair for Jan's kids.

#3 19 Years Later
He had no clue when they got married... not even when they were getting intimate. 19 years later, he found flirtatious messages on Monica's computer...

#4 Rumors Started
Jan's relatives began to whisper about Monica's biology. So he decided to confront her about the rumors...and she broke down telling him the truth!

#5 Lost His Cool!@
Jan admits that he lost his cool. He pushed her up against the wall, but stopped short of more serious violence. "I feel like I've been assaulted," Jan told the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper.

#6 Marriage Annulled
Now that he knows Monica's shocking secret, Jan is determined to have his marriage annulled! ""I thought she was an attractive woman," he said. "She had no male traits.

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