See Here: 8 Mistakes You Can Never Take Back

#1 Fail
This woman needs to learn to apply her fake tan a bit more evenly.

#2 Graphic design gone wrong
Graphic design, we're begging you to please stop ruining people's lives!

#3 Dumpster baby burrito
They will print anything these days if they think it will increase newspaper subscriptions and exposure – not that we're complaining because this is so obviously rad.

#4 Energy shots for your car
These packages should not look so much like people-food. Accidents WILL happen.

#5 What's the worst that could happen if you confuse these products?
Combining these two products could possibly whiten your teeth AND prevent gum-itch LOL. (Seriously, please, please don't try it!)

#6 Teacher trolling
Next time recruit a proofreader. Lesson learned. Wow.

#7 Seems legit
Whoever captioned the news may be sneaking liquor to work, because that doesn't seem like a sober mistake!

#8 So... that happened.
His trip to Brazil could have been a bit less humiliating.

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