See Here: 4-Year-Old Girl Was Punched By A Boy And Hospital Worker Says "I Bet He Likes You"

#1 Merrit Smith's daughter Joni, 4-years-old, was punched by a boy
She had to get stitches, and when her mom heard what a hospital worker said to her little girl, she flipped!

#2 We can easily see the comment being harmless
We are not all perfect, and sometimes we try to say things to cheer people up that just comes out a bit wrong.

#3 Clearly, Smith interpreted the comment differently
We are sure that the guy did not mean to promote domestic violence, but that did not stop Joni's mom from taking it and running with it.

#4 What a World
Sure, domestic violence is a major issue, but so is people taking to the internet to churn up outrage over relatively minor things.


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