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While some of you may think that braces are cool, for those who have actually worn them, they are like a strait jacket for our mouths. Braces are tight and confining and they always find a way to poke and prod at our gums, lips, and tongue. They make eating, talking, and drinking a chore. And do not even get us started on kissing! By no means would we wish that doom on even our arch enemies. While most of us common folks have either worn or witnessed our friends donning braces, here are 20 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Had Braces.

From singers and actors of all ages, we have twenty celebs who were certainly not born with perfectly straight teeth, so they had to resort to braces like the rest of us. Even so, some of these stars opted for Invisalign or clear brackets, but surprisingly, a lot of them went with the traditional metal brackets. Perhaps they wanted to show others that they were just like their fans. Normal.

Well, celebs will never be totally normal, but seeing them in braces is definitely a breath of fresh air and a nice reminder that even the rich and the famous do not have perfect DNA. So sit back, read about these 20 previously metal-mouthed celebrities, and rejoice. Braces are not a life sentence, they are just superbly annoying.

1. Angelina Jolie

Think Angelina Jolie is a real-life superwoman now? Well, then you should have seen her way back in the day. She may be super awesome now, married to Brad Pitt, and serving as an ambassador in the United Nations, but that was not always the case. Hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Back in high school, Jolie was not the big girl on campus. Not even close. She was scrawny and more of an outcast and had a mouth full of braces. At this point, she was not doing much acting, but she did get back into it once she turned 16. The braces eventually came off, she –um- developed, and she broke out into stardom.

2. Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone just loves to share on social media, much like many people his age these days. So when he was getting his braces off, it was a big event. The pop singer, who is currently 19 years old, tweeted about getting those annoying braces off. He also told the world about his adventure in the dentist’s office when he was getting his wisdom teeth removed. Because we all really care about that. Now offense, but we would rather watch Austin’s YouTube videos and compare them to Justin Bieber’s. After all, they were both discovered on the popular website.

3. Beyonce

Beyonce is all about girl power and she is definitely a “survivor.” Of braces, that is. Yes, Queen B actually donned braces and not when she was a child or teenager either. Just a few years back, Bey was showing off her traditional metal-bracket braces for all the world to see. We already thought that her teeth were super straight and beautiful, but that did not stop her. She actually wore the braces as a statement of owning who you are and being comfortable with yourself. By wearing braces in public, Beyonce was trying to get other people with braces to realize that they were not any uglier because of it.

4. Britney Spears

It seems that we have seen everything there is to see about Britney Spears. Yet many of us were unaware that Brit once walked around with a mouth full of metal. Even when she was liberated from her braces, she still had to wear a retainer full of spittle. Yuck! Yet Britney has said that she has fond memories of those metal-mouth days. She said that she liked getting her braces because she thought they were cool and made her look like a teenager. Um, maybe if you are trying to live up to the teenager Katy Perry depicts in her hit song “Last Friday Night”!

5. Dakota Fanning

Oh, cute Little Dakota Fanning. We have watched her grow up on the big screen, quite literally! Now we are doing the same thing with her lil’ sis, Elle. But as for Dakota, she started out as a tiny firecracker and then she grew into a beautiful young adult almost overnight. However, in the middle somewhere she ended up wearing braces. Just look through a video compilation of crazy teeth problems. She has talked to Oprah, Ellen, and various morning and late night talk show hosts about it. Apparently, she actually does not have an enzyme in her body that can break down baby teeth, so she got them all pulled.

6. Danny Glover

If you want to see Danny Glover wearing braces, then go see the movie Shooter. He was wearing some clear components, but if you look closely, you can make out the outline of the braces. Hey, even celebrities are not always born with naturally perfect teeth. Unfortunately, Glover had a very noticeable lisp in the film and the directors and producers tried to cover it up, but if you are paying attention, you will still hear it. For those of us who have had braces, we totally know where he is coming from. Braces suck, and they make you drool, too.

7. Drew Barrymore

Oh, this is from Drew Barrymore’s awkward phase. Which, let’s be honest, lasted quite a while. Anyway, Drew was able to rock those braces, but she definitely has blossomed into a much more attractive adult. No offense, Drew. Yet the photos of her in braces is just the beginning. Here we see Drew with a wild head of full-on 80s hair, weirdly cut bangs, too pale eye shadow, and a paisley-printed jacket. She completes the look with a face full of baby fat. Oh, what an improvement we see now! Drew has become not only beautiful, but she is still highly successful and talented.

8. Emma Watson

We knew that Emma Watson’s hair went through a huge transformation during the Harry Potter years. From the bushy-haired, wild-eyebrow girl to the sleek and sophisticated young lady, Emma Watson has truly flourished, inside and out. Yet what we may not have known is that Emma once wore metal braces as well. This was before she graced the big screen as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter films. In one photo, we can see a youthful-than-ever Emma wearing a cowgirl hat and donning a mouth full of metal. Too cute! We love everything about that picture, even if she may find it a tad embarrassing.

9. Estelle

British super singer Estelle was so happy to show off her teeth once they were released from the tight and rigorous confines of braces. Her brackets came off just in time for an awards show and she must have been thrilled to attend with her bright and sparkling smile to show off. That is, bright and sparkly because they are straight and white, not full of metal! She was 30 years old when she got them taken off. Not incredibly old, but mature enough for it to be annoying. Estelle thanked her orthodontist and in her case, the braces were very necessary. Even so, she looks great either way!

10. Faith Hill

A few years ago in 2012, country singer Faith Hill took a leap of faith (hah) and got some braces. Hers were not the traditional metal brackets, but were clear brackets with a metal wire. So the effect looked more like that of a retainer, but nope, they were full-on braces. She was happy to show them off when she hit the red carpet and Hollywood events of 2012 and 2013 before getting them off for good. She was 45 years old when she got those babies first put on. Pretty late in life, no? This was actually round two of braces for Faith. She had to get braces again because she didn’t wear her retainer the first time around. Oops!

11 Faye Dunaway

It was not exactly a shining moment for her, but Hollywood star Faye Dunaway got braces back in 2002 at the age of 61. Why would a senior citizen even bother with getting braces? Well, when you live under the Hollywood microscope, there can be a lot of pressure to look just right. Perhaps that is what happened with Faye. She actually opened up about it and said that she was inspired and motivated by Tom Cruise’s new braces. So she decided to get them too! She also said that her teeth were gross anyway, so the braces were definitely necessary.

12. Gwen Stefani

We all already know that Gwen Stefani can rock just about anything. Come on, this is the girl who headed the band No Doubt and used her girl power to keep those guys in line! She always exudes eccentric hotness, and she did even when she wore braces. This was back in 1999, and Gwen was actually 30 years old at the time. But she said that the braces were her gift to herself. Huh? Yep. Gwen had promised herself that when she had the sufficient funds, she would do something about her crooked teeth. Well hey, we told you she was an independent and powerful woman!

13. Jeremy Piven

Want to see the gorgeous and talented actor Jeremy Piven looking like a pre-teen brace face? Then search the Internet, you trolls and you will find it! Back in the day when he was just a wee lad, Jeremy was donning a train track of metal on his front and bottom teeth. It was endearing and cute, but by no means did it foreshadow the hotness that he would eventually show off in Hollywood. Now we are salivating over Jeremy in the hit television series Entourage. We would be his entourage any day! And even though he is 50, he still looks great.

14. Khloe Kardashian

We know the Kardashians as being seemingly flawless in their looks (although their personalities are another story.) While most of the focus is on Kim and Kourtney, Khloe is still in the running. When she was 28 years old, she got braces, but they were not the traditional metal bracket kind. Khloe opted for Invisalign, because let’s be honest: a Kardashian in braces would just be plain wrong. Khloe was very vocal and proud of her Invisalign and thanked her dentist publicly. At the same time as her new braces, Khloe was trying to slim down and lose weight. It was a full transformation!

15. Niall Horan

In 2013, the blonde haired beauty of the British boy band One Direction was finally liberated from his metal mouth. Naill Horan had been donning the brackets for a while and was ecstatic to get them taken off. So, how did the Brit celebrate? With Japanese food of course! The star also tweeted almost immediately after shedding those braces and included a before and after photo comparison. In the last hour before he got them off, Naill wrote: “Oh how I’m gonna miss them! Naaaaaaat!” Cute. Not so cute? Naill received a parking ticket upon coming out of the dentist’s office. Hah!

16. Nicolas Cage

You may have heard that absurd urban legend/celebrity conspiracy theory that Nicolas Cage is actually a vampire. So the fact that he got braces back in 2003 will only give in to the weirdo claims. Yet the actor opted for the metal brackets on his bottom teeth because he clearly needed to have them straightened out. Personally, we think he should have just gone all the way and gotten both top and bottom braces, but whatevs. He can do what he wants. It has now been over a decade since the star got his braces, and hopefully he is taking care of them.

17. Prince Harry

Ready to see an embarrassing photo of Prince Harry? No, not his very public rendezvous when he donned his birthday suit. This is a photo that goes back, way back in the day. It shows Harry with a mouth full of metal braces, and he is barely recognizable. He certainly looks a lot better now. For one, he now has a man’s body, not a slender preteen girl’s. His hair is a dashing shade of red, rather than the mousy brown it is in the childhood photo. And he must have realized that the whole geek-chic look was not working out, because he looks much cooler now.

18. Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones may be an absolutely beautiful celeb, but she was not always the dashing beauty we know and love. As she says, not everyone is going to be “killing it all the time.” And we are pretty sure that she can relate! The potty-mouthed star was probably still cussing away even when she had those braces. She also said that she was a chubby kid, but hey, she says that being not-so-pretty in your adolescence really helps you to develop as a person for your adult life. You got that right, sister! Braces, baby fat, we love you either way, Rashida.

19. Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon has not had it easy as a kid. She was diagnosed with scoliosis and she also had to get a mouth full of metal. Yes, she is Madonna’s daughter, but that does not mean that she was born being genetically perfect! So Lourdes Leon got braces at the age of thirteen and she even got cheeky with the boys in them! Also known as “Lola,” Lourdes Leon was photographed chatting up the guys outside of a school in Malawi during a visit with her mom and sister. Even with braces, Lola was still a gorgeous adolescent. We can’t wait to see her grow up!

20. Tom Cruise

What could possibly make Tom Cruise look less attractive? Braces. If you do not believe us, then just take a look on the Internet. Sorry, Tom, but braces are definitely not your thing. Yet, it was not a “mission impossible” to get them, even though he was 39 years old at the time. He was actually proud to show them off on the red carpet, and this was back in 2002, so it is most likely that everyone else has forgotten about it by now. Plus we are pretty sure that his Oprah couch-jumping incident has gained more popularity and renown for the actor.

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