See Here: 16 Jobs That Will Make Yours Look Like a Dream Job

1. Cleaning the porta potties.

2. The look on his face says it all.

3. This poor guy has it worse than the guy in #1. Yes, that's sewage.

4. This guy who probably wets his pants every day.

5. That's probably just the appetizer, he could be the main course.

6. I wonder what her title is officially.

7. Don't ever complain of snow, ever again. Ever.

8. Claustrophobic people need not apply to this job.

9. I can't help but laugh.

10. That's an elephant examiner. You can officially never complain about anything.

11. This guy who almost dies every morning.

12. Knee deep in overflowing bathrooms is always a nice way to start your day.

13. Heights are not an issue for this hard worker.

14. You'd basically be at the service of a horse.

15. You think your suit and tie is bad?

16. Poor guy smells like fish every day.

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