See Here: 15 Pregnant Animals Who Are Just About To Burst

1. This Guinea Pig Looks Like A Coconut!

2. No Pregnancy Test Needed!

3. This Squirrel Looks So Cute And Round!

4. Ohhh! Don’t Get This Mama Kitty Angry!

5. This Preggers Sea Lion Is Just Relaxing In The Sun After A Long Swim.

6. I Wonder How Many Pups This Mom Is Going To Have!

7. It’s All About The ‘Technique.’

8. This Goat Is Just Not Having It…

9. Morning Sickness Is A Pain

10. Her Verticle Stripes Can’t Hide Her Cute Baby Belly!

11. Is She Having A Calf Or A Pumpkin?!

12. Nothing Can Stop This Pregnant Mother!

13. It Can Be Tiring!

14. YIKES!

15. That’s A Lot Of Babies In There!

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