See Here: 13 $exy Celebrities Who Stay Too Dirty, Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Even Brush

13. Evan Rachel Wood Oops, baby go and wash yourself

12. Amanda Bynes

11. Christina Aguilera
Someone give her a mirror please!

10. Zac Efron
Dude, what’s wrong?

9. Fergie
Ann, stop shouting and go to the washroom.

8. Nicki Minaj
Nicki, start brushing your teeth.

7. Julia Roberts
Julia, you need a dentist sooner.

6. Justin Bieber
Bieber, the stage is not to vomit.

And see he’s spitting on his fans. Unexpected!

5. Katy Perry
See her rough skin.

4. Megan Fox
Groom your nail Megan.

3. Victoria Beckham
Victoria, enter the car soon.

2. Jonah Hill
Mind leaving your suggestions on the comment box below

1. Mo’Nique
Reader, take her to a parlour.

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