See Here: The 10 Worst Things That Can Happen When Taking A Selfie

You Get Kicked In The Head
Canadian Jared Frank was travelling in Peru when he posed near train tracks to shoot a video as a train passed. The conductor kicked him in the head, but Frank got the last laugh. He made over $250,000 by selling ads on the video.

Your Cat Photobombs Your Selfie
Taking a selfie with your pet is a risky move. Don't cats always want to be the center of attention?

There Might Be A Shark Behind You
Sixteen-year-old Margaux Cuylaerts went swimming in shark-infested waters in the Cayman Islands when she snapped this selfie.

You Get Called The Worst Person On Earth
One woman took all the attention away from a suicidal man attempting to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge when she took what the New York Post called a "selfie-ish." The story and photo quickly went viral. Emergency responders saved the man on the bridge.

You Nearly Drown And Your Selfie Doesn't Even Come Out Well
You only get a limited number of shots to capture that perfect "underwater selfie," and this guy didn't get one.

You Get Arrested
Petty burglar Ashley Keast replaced the SIM card in the phone he stole, but he didn't delete the apps. He accidentally sent a selfie to the victim's friends on WhatsApp. Keast was arrested the next day.

You Catch The Guy Behind You Peeing
The innocent bystander behind the camera-ready gentleman probably wasn't expecting to get his picture taken when he went to the bathroom.

When Your Selfie Causes An Accident ...
Driving while doing anything else can be a safety hazard. two women in Iran proved that to be true when they crashed their car while filming a video of themselves singing. The driver had both hands off the wheel and the collision was caught on tape.

… And You Don't Learn Your Lesson
To top it all off, the two women uploaded their selfie video while lying on hospital beds after the accident and then snapped another photo.


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