See Here: 10 Things Only 90s Kids Will Understand

#2 Creepy Crawlers
Do you remember making and playing with these?

#3 Nintendo Power
Any kid from the 90's had one of these.

#4 Koosh
How many of you were obsessed with these?

#5 Dunkaroos
Doesn't this make you want to grab some milk and dunk away?

#6 Surge
Before energy drinks were popular.

#7 So Simple So Fun
You could snap these all day, couldn't you.

#8 Super Stars
Admit it. You thought this cereal would make you look like Hulk Hogan.

#9 Flashlights
Wow, what a trip.

#10 Mario
You played this for hours until the whole family couldn't get that damn music out of their heads.

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