See Here: 10 Signs You're Dating a Boy, Not A Man

#1 No Ambition
Young guys tend to lack focus, but if your boyfriend doesn't have a real plan, he's a child.

#2 You Feel Like His Mom
if you are constantly telling him what to do because he needs all the help he can get, he's a boy not a man.

#3 Not Great With Birth Control
Men come equipped with c0nd0ms, boys rely on you to take care of it.

#4 Jealous And Possessive
Boys are jealous about their toys not men.

#5 Messy
If he hasn't grown out of the "dorm room" phase, where his apartment is littered with pizza boxes and beer bottles, chances are he's a boy.

#6 Always Broke
A boy has no idea how to manage his money and blows it all before Monday even arrives.

#7 Drifts From Job To Job
If he can't hold onto a job, he is probably a boy still figuring out his career path.

#8 Throws Personal Insults During An Argument
A man doesn't try to hurt you with words and just argues about the facts.

#9 Has Temper Tantrums
A boy throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way.

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