See Here: 10 Badass Military Exercises That Are Extremely Brutal

1. Road to Heaven This is an extremely tough test for Taiwan marines in which they have to crawl along a path with jagged rocks and corals. This is the final part of their nine week training.

2. Russian Counter Terror training This Training is a part of Russian confidence training in which soldiers have to shoot each other in the chest, the main motive of this training is to prepare soldiers for the moment when they might be shot.

3. Jump through fire In China military soldiers have to jumps through rings of fire in their uniform with carrying assault rifle with them to experience the feelings they would go through in a real combat.

4. Cold water conditioning This is a part of endurance training for the soldiers of US navy SEALS, in Which their legs and hands are bound and they are then drowned in water, they must do certain task in a given period of time to pass the test.

5. Smashing bricks with their heads In Sough Korea soldiers have to go through a real tough training in which they have to break slabs and brick of concrete with their head.

6. Drinking Snake's book U.S Marines go through most insane training procedures one of them includes drinding cobra's blood after cutting his head, it helps them becoming real tough soldiers.

7. Walking over Fire Belarus Interior Ministry's Special Unit have to go through extremely dangerous training procedure in which they have to do certain tasks which involves walking on a track on fire.

8. Jumping From the Skyscrapers Israeli Defense Forces are trained to jump from the tallest buildings and rappelling down the sided, trainees must avoid and block everything, focus only on window and follow the command.

9. Crazy Chinese Granade Training As a part of their training Chinese soldiers pass live grenade from one soldier to another until the last one throws it in the hole, this insane game is played to decrease fear, but it may sometime cost their lives.

10. Horse riding through thick smoke The solders from Dutch Royal Guard of Honor have to ride horse through thick fumes of smoke as their training.


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