See Here: 10 Annoying Habits Of Patients Which Make Gynecologist's Job Harder

1) It's quite annoying for the gynecologist when the patients don’t scoot their butt to the base of the exam table and then they have to prompt them to do so!

2) Gynecologist hate it when male partners accompany the patient and constantly look at the pelvis region to see what's wrong!

3) It is lame when patients cancel their appointment because they are on their periods!

4) If the patient is not comfortable with male doctors, they must point out their discomfort instead of behaving awkward!

5) When you don't disclose your medication history or problems freely, you may end up annoying your gynecologist.

6) Your hormones are not the main reason behind low libido. It is often related to emotional issues and physical relationship with your partner.

7) It's quite awkward when patients don’t shave their pubic hairs and apologize later on!

8) It is annoying when patients believe what they read in mommy blogs and grasp wrong pieces of advice from such untrustworthy and non-medical background sources.

9) Don't hide anything (past disease or infection) from your doctor, be frank about everything!

10) Patients usually stop using birth control methods because of the side effects associated. But this can have serious impact over their pregnancy and must be done by consulting gynecologist!

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